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Application resources stored in the Web Resource Repository can be transferred between systems.

Following are some guidelines for performing such an operation. In this example we will transport the resources of the application.

Important Note!

The property should not be changed manually in any other case, except for the scenario described here!

1. Prior to the transport, confirm that the release of the deployed application is identical on both the source system and target system.


2. If the number of version folders on the source system is equal to (e.g. equal to 4) or higher than the number of version folders on the target system, no additional preparation is necessary and you can perform the transport:


A. In the source system, add the entire application folder ( to a transport package (EPA file)


B. Export the transport package


C. Import the exported EPA file on your target system


3. If the number of version folders on the target system is higher than the number of version folders on
the source system (e.g. on the source system there are 4 version folders while on the target system there are 6 version folders), you need to add additional version folders to the source system:

A. In the source system, copy the latest version folder (in our example folder “4”), and paste it under the same location (under the application folder) and change the folder Name and folder ID to “5




B. Repeat the copy-paste operations until the number of version folders on your source system reaches the number of version folders on your target system. In our example, you should perform the copy-paste operations once again, this time copy version folder 5 and change its name and ID

from 5_0 to 6


C. Still in the source system, via PCD Inspector tool open the Properties Editor of the application folder (pcd:resource_repository/application_branding/ and change the value of the property to the latest version folder number. In our example, change the value of this property from 4 to 6


D. To perform the transport, repeat the sub-steps in section 2.

Good luck 🙂

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