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How to check if fields are required in ABAP

Hello everyone,

in my first post I would like to present a way to check if required fields are filled. Below you will find data declaration, that will be used:

   DATA: l_node TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
              l_attr_list TYPE cl_wd_dynamic_tool=>t_check_mandattr_tab,
              l_attr TYPE cl_wd_dynamic_tool=>t_check_mandattr_struct,
              l_has_errors TYPE wdy_boolean.

Reference to node (l_node) which attributes will be checked, list of attributes (l_attr_list) and a flag (l_has_errors) to indicate if check was with errors.

The next step is to fill list with attribute name(s):

  l_attr-node_path = wd_this->wdctx_pmb_md_edit.
  l_attrelement_index = 1.
  l_attrattribute_name = ‘KTEXT’.
  APPEND l_attr TO l_attr_list.

*here more attributes can be filled if needed

*check for required fields

   l_has_errors = cl_wd_dynamic_tool=>check_mandatory_attributes(
      attribute_list   = l_attr_list
      display_messages = abap_true
      context_root     = wd_context ).

  IF l_has_errors EQ ‘X’.

I hope you will find it useful.

Best regards,


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    • Hi,

      yes, we can do it manually, but when check is preformed via cl_wd_dynamic_tool=>check_mandatory_attributes message will pop up automatically and empty fields will be highlighted.