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Blog It Forward – Julie Phan

Hi SCNers,

First of all, I would like to thank to Blog It Forward – Jitendra Kansal and Blog It Forward- Srinivas Salpala, who gave me a chance to join to BIF. This is the good way to introduce myself to everyone in forum, and I hope I can have more and more friend in around the world…hihihi…


I come from Ho Chi Minh City, one of two biggest cities of Vietnam. My Vietnamese name is “Thu HΖ°Ζ‘ng”, it means “the scent of autumn”…may be that why I’m being a sensitive girl. πŸ˜›

This is some pics about HCMCity:



*** Volleyball is the most interesting sport with me. I have played it since high school. I also joined some tournaments in school, but only get the Silver medal… πŸ˜₯


*** Besides sport, I like joining into Social activities. Every July, my college organized the Green Summer and we came poor areas in my country to help the people there. We also brought the joy into the orphanage children. These activities make me recognize that I’m luckier than a lot of people. I want to say that let esteem what you’re having, and share it to others.



Do you feel I look like a kid between crowd of children?, hihihi


1) What makes you feel happy all the time? Or What makes you smile/laugh?

The people said that I have the sad eyes, but I own the funny heart and optimist mind instead…It’s good, isn’t it? My strength is smile, and you will be easier to recognize me between crowds because I have special laugh, hahaha…

I can smile in anywhere, anytime and any reason. Maybe because of the sunshine, the wind, sitting and watch the people crossing or another’s happiness.

This is because of Yoga. It refreshes my mind and enjoys the life with beautiful color.

One of Yoga pose I do well, 😎


2) What are great moments of your childhood days?

The great moment of my childhood days is about my Daddy.

This is a simple story I heard from my Mom when I was 6 years old.

In one day my Daddy took me to the park, I felt hungry but my Daddy didn’t bring money, or he didn’t have enough money (I don’t know)…He has to sell his watch to buy some food to me.

When I growth up, I know that no one in the world love me so much like them, and I have to try a lots (study hard, work hard…) to take care my parent…

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life?

The craziest thing I did when I was 5 years old.

One day, I found the shaver of my Dad. But I don’t know what it is and how it works.

I tried it with my hair; I shave one line in the middle of forehead…hahaha

So crazy…the people look at me and laugh a lot…Luckily, the hair grown again and I’m still nice, hahaha…

This is the crazy girl I’m talking about…


Now, you can know who I am…let’s show us who you are…

I’d like to forward to:

Rithin Shah

Kaushalya Perera


Nishan Dev S

chandrakanth G

Jazib Tariq

Ram Kumar Swami

The questions are:

1)   1) What do you say about yourself within 3 words?

2)   2) What make you feel remorse until now?

3)   3) Have you felt boredom with SAP? And what did you do in that time?

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