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Loading data to info provider without PSA #SAP BW 7.X

DTP settings to load data directly to targets without PSA:

Recently I came across this situation to load data directly to target without psa.

Before that we need to consider the below steps.

  1. Always full load
  2. Data volume is less
  3. No wrong data, if not sure then need taken care thru error stack concept.

How to find whether data source support direct access or not:

Two ways we can find:

1. By using ECC table SE11 – ROOSOURCE, try to see the table data with selection on your data source.

after that you can see the field VIRTCUBE – 1 (direct access allowed/supported).

2. at BW side, RSA1–> Data source–> double click –> Extraction tab also we can see the same information.


Advantages: No PSA maintenance/Info pack load.

BW 7.x  DTP screen shot where we don’t have setting to bypass psa for transaction data sources.


Below one is BW 7.x we can see the new settings as shown below for master data sources only.


Once we select above options we will get default adapter settings to access directly from source.


Save and activate your dtp. while saving we  will get pop up messages


As said above, if needed then we need introduce symantic groups to filter the erroneous records.

Once we set above setting at dtp, without creation of info pack, we can load data directly into targets.

Simple steps:

1. Replicate your data source from source to bw system

2. Activate your data source

3. Create your target

4. Create transformations(between data source and target)

5. Create dtp , do settings as said above.

6. Trigger the dtp and check the logs.

At process chains without info pack step, we can add dtp step directly after the start variant.

Thanks for reading.


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