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How to Create a Repository in SAP MDM

HI All,

I have create this document to explain the process of creating a Repository in SAP MDM. I thought to share my knowledge once i gown-throw discussion How to add repository in MDM data manger.

How to Create a repository in SAP MDM

  1. Install MDM server ( MDS,MDIS,MDSS,MDLS) and DBMS server ( Database )
  2. Now start the MDM server and Auxiliary servers (MDIS, MDSS and MDLS) by as mentioned in the below steps.
  3. Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools>Services>MDM server 7.1
  4. Follow the above step to start the auxiliary servers also.
  5. Now install MDM clients ( console, Data Manager, Import Manager and Syndicator)
  6. After installing the clients now open MDM Console.
  7. Now Mount the MDM Server in console.
  8. Note the server has to be in running status.
  9. As the server id now in running status, this doesn’t mean you can create repository in MDM server, to this you need to configure the DBMS setting.
  10. Right click on the server and choose DBMS setting and gives the appropriate DBMS server name and password of DBMS server.
  11. The above step is about to establish a connection between MDM server with DBMS server.
  12. Now Right click on the MDM server and choose the option create repository.
  13. Here you need to give the DBMS server name and password again, until the Repository name field and port field will be disabled
  14. Once the DBMS name and password is verified the repository name & port number will be enabled.
  15. Now you can type preferred repository name & port number and by this you will get a new repository in SAP MDM.
  16. Once the repository gets displayed under the MDM server hierarchy node, by default it will be in stopped status.
  17. Now you can design your repository as per requirement and once you feel the repository is ready for your use, then right click on the repository and choose start repository.
  18. You will get two options Immediate and Update Indices.
  19. It is good if you choose Update Indices.
  20. Now the repository will be reflected as per the designed in other clients.
  21. If you need to again change or to update structure of the Repository, then got to console down the repository and perform the action.
  22. Stopping a repository is not necessary for any type of addition in Admin node (Users, Roles, Ports, Remote system, XML schema, Links, etc.).

However most of the above steps cover’s some basis activities, I just added for knowledge sharing.

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