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BO configuration with SLD using Autoconfigure tool Part -I

Dear All,

BO 4.0 configuration with SLD using Auto Configuration Tool.

I have used this tool , for all the below activity.

1. Adding BO system to SLD

2. Configure Wily Introscope on BO System.

SAP Note followed :

BO configuration as per SAP Note 1653689 SolMan 7.1 Managed Sys Setup BOE 4.0.

In this note you will find the attachment for

1. AC (AutoConfigure)




Prerequisite To Start Auto Configure:

1. You need to install the java 6 jre on the window server.

2. Download the SAPCAR file from Service Market Place

3. As per the SAP Note 1508421 – SAP SLD Data Supplier for Apache Tomcat

    Download the which will contain the .war file.

2. You need to install the SAPHOST Agent and SAP Diagnostic Agent.

Starting the Auto Configure Tool :

1. Download the AC_part1.rar

2. Extract the AC_PART1.rar

On Extracting the folder , you will get the below files. Now double-click on AutoConfigure_2012_11_12.

In the downloads folder , place all the downloaded file mentioned in SAP Note 1653689 SolMan 7.1 Managed Sys Setup BOE 4.0


Step 1: Below window will appear for AutoConfigure , where you need to select the option which you want to run.


Step 2 : At first , i have selected four options and then click on Execute Selected button.

             It will ask to enter the Tomcat Service.


Step 3 : Enter the SLD Server host


Step 4 : Enter the SLD Port number


Step 5 : Enter SLD User (which has the read and write permission).


Step 6 : Enter the password


Step 7 : SSL is not configured , so we are not using HTTPS over here


Step 8 : Click on Yes , to trigger data to SLD


Step 9 : Enter the BOE system information such as

              1. BOE System : <hostname>:<port> (port :6400 for example)

              2. username and password


Step 10 : Enter the hostname , port of Enterprise Manager and change the value of IntroscopeAgentEnableInstrument from false to true.


Step 11 : Enter the SMD Agent hostname and port(5$$18)


Step 12 : Restart the BOE system


Step 13 : Installation of Wily agent on BOE , Select Install a new Agent


Step 14 : Provide the location where you want to install the Wily Agent.

                By Default , we place the wily in /usr/sap folder but we need to provide folder /usr/sap/ccms for

                Auto Configure tool.


Step 15: It will display the path where you want to Install Wily.


Step 16 : Enter the Introscope EM Host


   Step 17 :  Enter the Introscope EM port


   Step 18 : Now it will add the Wily parameter in tomcat java options and to make it effective it will ask to restart the

                   Tomcat Server. It will make the required changes in Introscope_Agent_ac.profile


Step 19 : Now Configure it will configure the jmx which will be required by the solman system to connect to Tomcat.

               It will ask to for JMX user (smdAgentRole by default)


Step 20 : Enter the password


Step 21 : Enter the port number which is 9004 by default.


Step 22 : Click on OK , and this parameter will be used in manage system setup for Tomcat in solution manager.


   Step 23 : Restart the Tomcat



  BO configuration with SLD using Autoconfigure tool Part -II

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      Author's profile photo Arun Chanda
      Arun Chanda

      Hi, I downloaded the AutoConfig Tool from the KBA 2137275 - AC Tool Release guide, it only contains the command line file, it doesnot have the AC_PART1.rar files in the download, could you please guide me where exactly to download the AC_Part1.rar files to get the AutoConfigure.exe file.



      Arun Chanda