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This document helps to understand the option of Pre-defined Time Point for the scheduling of BEx broadcast.

Author                 :     Pradip Nikam

Company          :     Cognizant Technology Solutions

Created on       :     06 Dec 2013

Author Bio

Pradip Nikam is a Sr. consultant, working with Cognizant Technology Solutions. Pradip has worked on various SAP BW, implementation & support projects.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pre-requisite
  • Procedure


This article describes how to schedule BEx Broadcast using Pre-defined Time Point Scheduling.


–       Make sure all configurations related to Information broadcast has been done & system is able to

        broadcast the BW reports successfully.

–       Make sure you have appropriate authorization of the following objects:

1.      S_RS_ADMWB

2.      S_RS_BCS

3.      S_BTCH_JOB


You can define various times for scheduling broadcast settings by defining background jobs as follow:

1.    1.     Call Transaction SM36.




1.    2.      Specify the job name.

Use following naming convention when entering the job name:

TP_BROADCASTING_<ID you select for time>



1.    3.     Choose start condition. The start time dialog box appears.




Here you schedule the job & specify the frequency, interval for job execution etc.

once done with job scheduling.

1.     4.     Choose SAVE. The define job screen appears.



        5.      Choose Step.




Create Step1 dialog box appears.

Here choose ABAP program & specify ABAP program name:

RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT, which is to be executed as part of this step.

SAVE the entries.

Now we will use this job while scheduling the Information broadcast.

From BEx query designer we can go to the Information broadcast scheduling options as below:


You will be directed to the information Broadcast settings screen.


After maintaining all other details, click on Schedule button.


Here we can see the job scheduled under Predefined Time.

Note:  If we move the cursor over the job we can see our job ID which we have maintained at the start in SM36 which is in our case ‘CTS’.

(Here job name is TP_BROADCASTING_CTS).

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Pradip.

    That’s nice but I don’t see the point in using Pre-defined Time Point for broadcasting as you cannot be sure that the data will be fully available and up-to-date when it’ll run.

    Triggering the Broadcast setting by using an Event Data Change at the end of the process chain that loads the corresponding data makes more sense to me.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Pradip,

    Excellent document!!  Used easy language, very informative. Hoping such nice blog will continue from your end in future also.


    Sudarshan Gaikwad


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