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Following t-codes are available to use validation or substitution functions:

·         GGB0     Validation Maintenance

·         GGB1     Substitution Maintenance

·         GCVZ     Rule Maintenance

·         GGB4     Select action for validation/substitution, for example, activation of application areas, message usage or substituted fields

·         GCX2     Definition of Includes for User Exits

·         OB28     Activation of FI validations

·         OBBH     Activation of FI substitutions

·         OBBZ     Activation of cost of sales accounting substitution (in the FI area)

·         OKC7     Activation of CO validations

·         OKC9     Activation of CO substitutions

·         GCT9     Transport: Validations

·         GCT0     Transport: Substitutions

To add validation, we take GGB0 in account.


To display a warning/information message in f-43, if the vendor has more than one bank account, so that the user can select the correct bank account of vendor.

Step 1-

Go to GGB0 and create your validation. Here you have 3 things –

·         Prerequisite

·         Check

·         Message

You can relevant prerequisite for your validation, a check and the message you want to display on the check.

Following is the validation step for the taken scenario –

In financial accounting,

Select line item level and create validation



Step 2:

You can now implement your validation/exit through the program RGGBR000. For this, you should copy it into the customer namespace, for example ZGGBR000.

The length of the name you choose should not exceed 8 characters.

Step 3:

To define your new user exit, you have to enter your user exit in the form routine GET_EXIT_TITLES.


Step 4:

Implement your logic in your exit routine as below –


Step 5:

Once you have implemented your logic, you need to activate your exit and define a call up point (header or line item). This is done using t-code OB28 as shown below –


Once you validation has entry here, it will be triggered. In taken scenario, while posting in F-43,

If vendor has more than one bank account, a warning message should be displayed. For the applied logic, please see the result below.


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