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Update the Oracle Client form 10.2 to 11.2 under Linux Redhat

Update  the Oracle Client form 10.2 to 11.2 under Linux Redhat

As of   SAPINST versions of release 6.40/7.00/7.01/7.02 do not allow to install Instant Client 11.2. we have to replace Instant Client 10.2 by Instant Client 11.2 after the SAP installation , according to SAP recommendation All SAP application servers of an SAP system should run with the same version of the instant client. Running a mix of different instant client versions in one SAP system is not recommended

Use Oracle Instant Clients of release 11.2 if your database is running on Oracle Database Release 11.2.

Use Oracle Instant Clients of release 10.2 only if your database is running on Oracle Database Release 10.2.

accordingly we have to update all Oracle Client form 10.2 to 11.2 in mix environments ,and  because of that , i prepared the following Document and I hope it will be beneficiary for all

1 – Download the Required Oracle client version (11.2) from SMP

2 – Check the SAP Kernel Patch Level if the Level Less than 51 you should Update the Kernel

2a – To check the Kernel level , Logon to the system select Status from SYSTEM Menu

2b – Click  other Kernel Info

2c – Check sub package Level

Kernel Should Be Higher than 51

2d –  Stop SAP to Upgrade the Kernal

2e – Extract the New Kernel in /sapmnt/SID/exe

2f – Check the Kernel

SAP Kernel Update is done and SAP Kernel Level become higher than 51

Continue with Oracle client update

The default path for the installed instant client in an SAP environment is:

Instant Client Release 11.2:  /oracle/client/11x_<wordsize>/instantclient

3 – Extract the SAR File downloaded from SMP in to the following directory

/ORACLE /client

4 – Go to /oracle /Client/11x_64

Create Symbolic Link as following

5 – Edit the client Version in the following Profiles  (.dbenv_HOSTNAME.csh , .dbenv.csh) in /ORACLE/SID Directory  and .dbenv_HOSTNAME.csh in Oracle home Directory

Change 10x in the profile to 11x

Edit the profile

Edit  the profile

Modify the client directory  to be


In the cluster environment there are additional 2 steps

Same modification should be done on the following two files (.dbenv_VhostNameforDB.csh , .dbenv_VhostNameforDB.csh)

Make a test

Confirm that the New Oracle client is running by  Running  the following command in Os Level

correction by   Reagan Benjamin Dec 7, 2013 3:56 PM

>> su  – <SID>adm

>> cd /oracle/client/11x_64/instantclient

>> ./genezi -v


Reference SAP Note 819829

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      Former Member

      Excellent work.

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      Former Member


      for sharing the knowledge

      Author's profile photo Reagan Benjamin
      Reagan Benjamin

      Small correction under "Make a test"

      Here you need to run the 'genezi -v' from the instant client location in the way I mentioned below.


      su - sidadm

      cd /oracle/client/11x_64/instantclient

      ./genezi -v

      If you don't use ./ in front of genezi then the system will use /oracle/SID/112_64/bin/genezi by default.

      The ./ before the genezi will execute the file from the current directory.


      cd /oracle/client/11x_64/instantclient



      ./genezi -v

      Read this part of the SAP note 819829 - Oracle Instant Client Installation and Configuration on Unix

      Determining the Oracle Instant Client Version

      There are several ways to determine which instant client version is installed and used by the SAP system:

          Option 1: Use the genezi utility

          Goto the instant client directory and run 'genezi -v':

          OS> cd /oracle/client/11x_64/instantclient

          OS> ./genezi -v

          You should receive a version info like:

          Client Shared Library 64-bit - or

          Client Shared Library 64-bit -

      Good job.



      Author's profile photo Ahmed Ibrahim
      Ahmed Ibrahim
      Blog Post Author

      your correction is 100% correct 🙂 ,  thank you very much . i will update the document,  with your precious correction 🙂 . 

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      Former Member

      Good and Precise document !!

      Author's profile photo ABHISHEK SINGH

      Really Useful Document i have used it and it really worked Thanks Ahmed also provide us more good stuff like this 🙂



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      Khairy Kreizam

      Thanks Ahmed for sharing.