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There are some cool new monitoring features in SAP HANA SP7. You can right click the system and select:

– Open Memory Overview

– Open Resource Utilization

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.44.10 AM.png

However, you may find you get the error: “Error while opening ‘Memory Overview’ Editor” or ‘Resource Overview” – Reason: You do not have the required privilege.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.44.32 AM.png

This is because it requires a new role: sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring

If you add this role to your user, like this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.47.21 AM.png

And now we can open up the new monitors!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.19.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.19.40 PM.png

These tools look like really useful ways of seeing how your HANA system is behaving in real-time, and should be particularly useful for development and testing environments.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi John,

    thanks for providing this workaround! I consider such a permission problem a bug with HANA. If even user SYSTEM cannot see the Memory Overview or Resource Utilization per default, then SAP should change that in the next revision.



    1. Lars Breddemann

      Hi Mark,

      I see your point, but I have to disagree.

      SYSTEM is not supposed to be the operational DBA user.

      It should be used as the ‘bootstrapping’ user. The one single account that sets up the system and the permission layout.

      This includes the creation of a monitoring role that contains the privileges to view the monitor data.

      The thing with pre-delivered users like SYSTEM is: default is king.

      Whatever permission we (SAP) deliver it with, that is exactly what we will find in most installations.

      So, when the privilege setup should be somewhat secure and distributed to the different system responsibilities (like user management, backup operator, system monitor, etc.) then it’s not a good idea to provide an account that can do everything.

      If there’s such an account, then this account will be used for, well, everything.

      And if the SYSTEM user “accidentally” (meaning something else was intended) drop this schema or changes this model then it doesn’t help to say “well, we told you that you shouldn’t do it that way – you should’ve set up proper roles and users for this”.

      However, I agree upon that we need to provide a set of working default roles for the standard scenarios. And that is currently worked upon.

      – Lars

      1. Former Member

        Hi Lars,

        you are speaking of much less than 1% of the databases. Every database vendor is emphasizing the TCO, including SAP! And that is what happens out there in the wild: There is no sophisticated security concept implemented. Of course a mature database must allow for a segregation of duties, but this is hardly anywhere found. Especially on SAP systems where the user and permission management is done by the application anyway.

        SYS was always my favorite user on Oracle, SYSTEM will be my favorite user on HANA. I like to keep things simple and there are only very few reasons which really justify the complexity. If you have to protect your database from your DBAs, because they could accidentially drop a schema … oh my 😉



        1. John Appleby
          Post author

          Sorry Lars I’m not with you here 🙂

          System should have this role added by default as well as a bunch of others that are now missing.

          If you want security with HANA then you need to do some work configuring the SoD model regardless.

  2. Former Member

    Hi John,

    I add the sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring to SYSTEM user. The previous error about privilege disappeared.

    However, I still could not see the new graph with opening ‘Memory Overview’ editor.

    Are there any other configuration steps needed?

    HANA DB Version 

    HANA studio Version       1.0.7000

    1. Former Member

      Me too. I already wondered whether I am the only one who cannot see the Memory Overview. The same for Resource Utilization. No error message, no graphics, just a blank window.

      1. Krishna Tangudu

        is it showing you anything in alerts or traces? Must be some other role to “View” you are missing here?

        may be do you have these roles?


        Check after adding these if it is working?


        Krishna Tangudu

            1. Former Member

              Hi Krishna,

              I am running HANA with the default trace configuration. I enabled the SQL trace and the User-Specific Trace and retried to open the Memory Overview. Still nothing. And except for some standard SQL statements in the SQL trace file, nothing in the tracefiles. I have never ever seen the Memory Overview work, neither with revision 70, 71 or 72.

              Since it seems I am not the only one affected, I have opened a discussion thread about this effect:

              How do I enable the Memory Overview in HANA Studio?



                1. Former Member


                  Thanks for your comment, but it still does NOT work by adding charset=”UTF-8″.

                  I knew this lack of charset in generated index.html long time ago.

                  However, I don’t think it is relevant to the issue here, as this app did not throw any syntax error in the console when rendering, it is just sheer blank page with some information in the console.

                  I actually open up an internal msg 8908/2014, it is said that this is a bug…But obviously I cannot check the bug detail here without authorization.

            2. Former Member

              Which trace we need here? If you check my thread in community, if I revise the code in XS app a bit, the content shows up perfectly…

  3. Former Member

    Very interesting, good progress.

    but still you can’t tools to clear understand situation with memory and who it eating and for why.

  4. Former Member


    Thanks for the details. We are able to view the graphical representations of memory and resource utilization by assigning the specified monitoring role, but on certified vendor appliances and not on VMWare instances.

    Not sure if this is intended or am I missing something here. Please advise.


  5. Former Member

    Hi ,

    If the monitoring features Open Memory Overview ,Open Resource Utilization,open dashboard

    not working please make sure below perquisites are present.

    1.Permission->it requires a new role: sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring

    2. Browser–>Your local system should have IE-9 and higher.

    (monitoring features directly depend on the windows default browser IE 9 and higher) and as of now they have not implemented with different browser dependency)

    IE 8 is not supported since HTML 5 not preferably used in.


    Hope this helps 🙂



  6. Former Member

    I had updated hana db from version 1.00.68 to 1.00.80 four month ago. There is no sap.hana.admin.roles roles in my HANA db. I didn’t find the same problem like me in here. How to create it? 😕

        1. Henricus Bouten

          Then the role should be there. So in SAP HANA Studio => <your database> => Security => Roles there is no role named: sap.hana.admin.roles::Monitoring

          Is the HANA_ADMIN Delivery Unit loaded? You can check this in the SAP HANA Modeler Perspective => Delivery Units.

            1. Henricus Bouten

              HI Peter,

              You are welcome! But the missing HANA_ADMIN DU points to a installation going not so smooth. During the installation of the SAP HANA were there any problems?

              Do you have all the auto content DU loaded?

              1. Former Member

                I have not loaded all of them.Usually,I load specify content DU when need it.

                Shall I load all of content DU ?

                There was no errors shown during install and update.But I often meet out of memory problem,when the session connetion status become ‘RUNNING(CANCEL REQUESTED)’.

                Is there relationship between them?

                1. Henricus Bouten

                  After a normal install using hdblcm all the auto_content packages are automatically loaded. The content packages not. You should only load them if needed.

                  I think your out of memory error isn’t related to the not installed DU’s.


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