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Business Objects 4.1 – Security Approach – Functional / Access


here you find one of my two security approaches for the Business Objects 4.1 Environment.

Functional / Access Approach
Groups: F_Reporter F_Scheduler F_PowerUser A_Marketing A_Sales A_Production
Folder Top Level AL_F_Reporter (*1) AL_F_Scheduler (*2)



View_This_Only(*4) View_This_Only View_This_Only
Marketing (AL_F_Reporter) (AL_F_Scheduler) (AL_F_PowerUser) AL_A_Marketing (*5)
Sales (AL_F_Reporter) (AL_F_Scheduler) (AL_F_PowerUser) AL_A_Sales
Production (AL_F_Reporter) (AL_F_Scheduler) (AL_F_PowerUser) AL_A_Production

(**) Notes:

(*1) = like “Edit Query”, “Create New Report”, “Delete Report”

(*2) = like “Schedule Document to run”,”Schedule to Destination”

(*3) = like “Create User”,”Add User to Group””Delete Objects”

(*4) = like “View Objects” at Object (Top Level), without inheritance

(*5) = “View Object”

This Posting comes from my Personal SCN/SDNAdventureTime Blog.

Kind regrads,


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  • Hello Sebastian

    Thanks for this article

    I am currently looking for case studies on how to go about implementing a security concept from scratch (4.0 /4.1 ).Are there articles that you could direct me to

  • Hello Sebastian,

    Thanks for the article...

    I'm new to BO security... Is there any doc which can explain the step by stp process for implementing Security in SAP BO 4.1

    Or could you please share me how did you carry out the entire implementation from the scratch...

    Thanks in advance