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All I want for Christmas is…good customer service

It is the time of the year when the children are writing their wish lists for Christmas. While they are reading the toy catalogues over and over again, I am feeling grateful for online shopping, which saves all busy parents from the exhausting hours in overcrowded malls.

The children will be happy if their wishes come true on Christmas Eve -I will be happy if I can fulfill those wishes without too much hassle. So, this year I also made a wish list. Not to the Santa Claus, since I know he won’t help me with my shopping. My wish list is directed at customer service managers –and I decided to keep it short as I know that before Christmas they are just as busy as the Santa:

My customer service wish list:

1. Give me the chat option: Often when I surf in the online shop, I have small questions, and I just don’t want to pick up the phone and call thecontact center for such a tiny issue. Chat is a great way to quickly ask that minor question, get a quick answer and move on with the shopping -it simply makes the customer experience more pleasant . Efficient chat channel also cuts the waiting for calling customers and it is a great relief for the busy contact centers.

2. Keep me informed: When I order something online, I want to know where my package is travelling. Send me emails or SMS to keep me updated so that I don’t have keep guessing if my order will arrive before Christmas or not. I know that December is extremely busy time for all online stores and delays in delivery may occur, but I need to know it well ahead to prepare a plan B.

3. Give the employees a box of chocolate. Customer service employees have a hard time before Christmas. They do long hours working with customers who get more and more inpatient the closer the Christmas gets. They do their best to remain friendly, answering all silly questions and listening to complaints. They do a great job, so please remember to tell them that.

Just  like the song says “I don’t want a lot for Christmas”. A box of chocolate will do just fine, but one thing I do wish: good customer service. Of course I appreciate it all year round, but just before Christmas even more than ever. And one thing I can promise back: if you make my Christmas shopping and preparations easier by offering good service, I truly appreciate it, and will be loyal to you -at least until the next Christmas…

Wishing all my blog readers a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.

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      Stephen Johannes

      The chat option is really nice provided that people on the other end know what they are talking about.  I have had mixed experiences where the chat person is empowered to know everything, to the other way that chat is FAQ's.

      The next best thing to chat is scheduled support calls that Apple does.  I love the fact that Apple allows you to request them to call you back instead of waiting on hold.  It's a simple but nice feature.

      As much as SMS for package tracking is great, if UPS struggles under volume not sure how well it would work for everyone.  All I can say is that my UPS mychoice notifications lag behind the actual door drop time and the SMS notification.  I have to cut some slack due to delivery volume, but SMS is not a 100% reliable channel.  Doesn't matter the carrier or gateway provider and it's way too difficult to trace the delivery failure point once you hand off to the carrier network.   Oh BTW also carrier shipment tracking also goes "slow" once the package volume is high(think iPhone launch days).

      Take care,


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Stephen,

      You are absolutely right: the chat option only works if the contact center agents know what they are talking about. They need access to relevant customer data and business systems -just like when serving other contact channels. So far I only had good experiences, but I am sure there are all other kinds of experiences too.

      I agree also with the call back option, thanks for bringing that up.

      Good point as to the SMS, it might not always be 100% reliable. However, sometimes there are cases when 100% accuracy is not needed -it helps to know the package has been sent. I just had an experience where I ordered some clothes and did not hear anyhting from them for 3 weeks. I did not know whether they had sent my package, whether the items odered were not available or what was happening -all I knew that I had paid them...So, when I received an SMS telling that my package had been sent, it was all I needed at that point of time.