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Validity Period for SAP HR Enterprise and Employee Structure

I’ve seen this mentioned a few times, but having written this up, I thought some of you might find it usefull to have a more comprehensive description os this new feature, which I personally – as someone working a a few multi-country set-ups – belief is really cause for serious celebrations. Thank you Customer Connection Program!
If your organisation has been using SAP HCM for, say, 10 or 20 years, you’ll know this problem all too well, particularly if your organisation is spread over a large number of countries:
The list of personnel (sub)areas and employee (sub)groups gets longer and longer and there is no easy way of making sure users don’t pick obsolete objects, because none of them comes with time dependency or a validity period.

This has now changed with SAP note 1883014. SAP offers now the option to use validity periods for the 4 organisational objects mentioned above. This validity period acts as a constraint for what can be captured in personnel actions and infotypes 0001, 1008 and 1013, and cleans up the list when you hit “F4”.

Once the required support package has been applied, you can easily activate the new feature in table T77S0, entry ADMIN – DELIM:



  • As with most entries in T77S0, you’ll get a warning message saying this is an entry in the SAP namespace. Don’t worry: it is meant to be changed by the customer and SAP doesn’t plan to overwrite it.
  • No need to worry about not being able to use any org objects any more once you activate this feature. Existing org objects won’t have any entry in the validity period tables yet, but, by default, a validity from 01/01/1800 to 31/12/9999 is assumed.

The first change you’ll notice after the activation is that the objects feature a validity period in entry helps now:


So, let’s assume we want to create a new personnel subarea “Cardiff” valid only from 01/01/2014. You create it by copying an existing one and renaming it as you would normally do. Then you find the configuration for validity periods in the IMG via: Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Human Resources > Validity Period for Organisational Assignments and add a new entry for Cardiff:


If we try to change the current record for an active employee starting at 01/07/2013, we see the same result as above, because the new subarea isn’t valid yet:


However, if we create a new record in infotype 0001 starting after 01/01/2014, we find Cardiff in the list of options:


The same logic applies to personnel areas, employee groups and employee subgroups. We consider this a very helpful improvement to increase efficiency, avoid user frustration and improve data quality in SAP HCM. We definitely recommend implementing it, so you can get rid of old entries from all four tables in day-to-day business. Particularly in large global organisations, the lack of such a validity period has always caused problems in the long run.

There are a few points to be considered in the business process:

  • This is not a full time dependency feature. These are only validity periods, which are checked against in the most important screens. The objects can only be made valid or unvalid, but they can’t change their names or properties over time. E.g., you can’t change the name of personnel subarea 0002 from “Edinburgh” to “Scotland” from, say, 01/01/2015. If you change the name, the new name will apply retro-actively for the full validity period of the object.
  • When you create a new organisational assignment in infotype 0001, the last record always needs to extend all the way to 31/12/9999. So, you may have to create a record including employee groups or personnel subareas, which are valid at the start of the record, but not at the end. The system will allow this, but produces a warning message, so you know you’ll have to change the org assignment later:
  • You can also run a consistency check with program RP_PAD_CHECK_ORG_ASSIGN to show where organisational re-assignments are required due to validity periods ending:
  • You would usually not want to adjust infotype 0001 data for employees who have left the organisation already. Over time, many leavers will have personnel (sub)areas and employee (sub)groups outside their respective validity areas in the infotype 0001 record of the inactive period and that’s usually no problem. Therefore, the check against the validity period is not performed for leavers.

Some technical notes:

  • SAP note 1883014 can’t be applied with the note assistant: it’s got to come via HR support package SAPK-60467INSAPHRRXX
  • It is recommended to apply SAP notes 1882986, 1881595 and 1882972 together with the main correction. The first two notes are included in the same support package anyway, but 1882972 may have to be applied separately to fix a documentation error
  • To eliminate errors in employee groups and subroups in transaction PA40 (personnel actions), SAP note 1949191 must be applied. It is not included in the same support package.
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  • Good Job Sven documenting this new functionality as it has been a customer pain point for years and I think will be extremely well received once customers know about it.  Taking a bigger picture look, it is important to realize that effective dating of all foundational items is just basic functionality in most of the modern day SaaS HR offerings (ie Employee Central, Workday) so glad SAP HCM has finally caught up 🙂 . 

    Also important to note I put in my first development request 13 years ago for this exact functionality for a large Fortune 500 company so it has taken a little longer than I would have hoped for (to put it mildly)

    Given the investment focus is clearly on Employee Central it will be interesting to see what type of new functionality and enhancements OnPremise Core SAP HCM gets in the coming years as customers are still paying lots of maintenance dollars.

    • agreed. Teh Custommer Connection Programm is bringing out quite a few of these useful small changes.
      I think on this particular one, SAP was thinking too big in the past and realising it would be huge to get real timedependency in. But a mere check against validity period is half teh benefit at probably 2% of the cost.

      Next wish for global clients: a 4-character employee subgroups key 🙂

  • Thanks Sven,

    Great summary of new function. I will be sharing link with my user group. Thanks for taking the time to share the details, I just mentioned it in post, great work.

    Hopefully more table changes will be forthcoming in other area such as pay scale type/area, etc.

  • Thanks Seven for useful information.

    Just a question. After adding the entry into T77S0 should I restart the system to apply the settings? because I couldn't see "Validity Period for Organisational Assignments" in IMG

    • Hi Omid,
      a restart is not required.
      You just have to leave the transaction and go back.

      If you are using a project IMG, you will have to re-generate that but the reference IMG should have it immediately. Unless, maybe, if you've changed teh reference IMG - nozt sure whether this woudl affect it, though I can't recall it did in the past

  • Great article on this important new functionality - thanks! It's one of those things that 'should have' been there long ago, regardless it's good to see it come now.

  • Nice write up Sven,

    Worth mentioning the best way to look at delivered Customer Connection improvements is the SAP Improvement Finder

    Improvement Finder

    Among other improvements the bigger/better ones to highlight are

    - The work schedule finder on info type 0007 (SAP note 1795844)

    - New Tab for IT1005 Planned Compensation in PPOME (1833102)

    - Partial vacancies for positions (1832511)

    - Include Accruals on Absence Quota Report (1850393)

    - New Infotype (3355) for Quota Type Selection Group (1816423) (this one is especially good for new implimentations/changing quota groups)

    This second delivery is a big improvement on the disappointing first effort and it's very pleasing to see SAP responding to customer pressure/comments.

    Along these lines the Customer Connection program for OM/PA/Time will happen in 2014 & customers need to get involved to make it happen!



    • Thanks for pointing this out James. I tend to just search for "Customer Connection" on Note search because I never have the link at hand, when I need it;-)

      Finds you all points, but less neatly.

  • Thanks for the post,

    As far as I can see this new feature doesn't allow to maintain a time dependence of the descriptions ('texts') of these objects, does it? That would be almost perfect...

    • Hi Javier,

      you are right.

      The solution is NOT meant to be a time dependency of these objects.

      It really is nothing more than a way to make sure obsolete entities aren't used any more.

      kind regards


  • Since these structures touch the core of HCM, I would appreciate any insight into how much regression testing is required? I'd love to assume that SAP has done their due diligence. Has anybody deployed this new feature and have there been any hiccups?

    Thanks, Vlad

    • No issues with latest packages. It's easy. The way it's set up there's no way it can damage any existing data. It's just taking entries out of the list of possible entries, so, even if there was a hickup, it's never going to be dangerous. Anybody, who suggests mire than a couple if hours testing on this should be driven out if the village tarred and feathered to set an example against ripping off customers through scaremongering.

  • Hi Sven, great article thank for this. One question, " the check against the validity period is not performed for leavers." If a PA/PSA is delimited effectively 31/12/2014 for example due to cauterisation of a BU and all employees are terminated effectively 31/12/2014. Their IT0001 record will be delimited effectively 31/12/2014, employee flagged as inactive. Thus an IT0001 record will exist for the employees from 01/01/2015 to hight date, referencing the delimited PA/PSA for a period falling totally outside of the PA/PSA validity but as inactive. Upon a rehire into a valid PA/PSa combination (i.e. 01/05/2015) the current IT0001 (inactive) record will be delimited to 30/04/2015 still referencing the delimited PA/PSA for a period outside of the PA/PSA period. This will not give an error for the IT0001 record 01/01/2014 to 30/04/2015 due to the check not being done for leavers i.e. inactive employees?

  • correct. During the inactive period no check is performed.

    However, after re-hire, the check should happen, if the invalod PSA is still used in the new active period.

  • We were hoping to use the Validity Periods to be able to change the Company Code and/or Tax Company of a Personnel Area as of a certain date.  Currently we have to create a new Personnel Area if the Company Code or Tax Company changes for it.  But in testing I haven't been able to successfully create two rows for the same Personnel Area number with different Validity Periods.  Has anyone had any experience with this type of use?

    Also, does the field "PA Closed Date" in Table T5U0P relate to the Validity Periods?  Changes don't appear to flow between them from what I can see.  If not, does anyone have more information about how the "PA Closed Date" field is supposed to be used, or when and why it was added to the table?  I wasn't able to find an SAP Note on it.


    Lou Ann Allison

    • Hi Lou,

      As said in the post, it's "not a full time dependancy feature", just a validity period. You can make sure "old" personnel areas are not showing up any more in selection, but you can't change characteristics over time. That's just not, what it's made for.

      Sorry, I don't have better news.

      • Hi Sven,

        First, thank you for this article which based on my isue to day ( Delimit Employee Subgroups ),

        I followed your solusion but I use ECC6 version which I can't run SAP note 1883014,

        and in spro path IMG I can't find ( -->Validity Period for Organizational Assignments --> Define Validity Period for Employee Subgroups),

        I have only:

        - Assignment of Personnel Area to Company Code

        - Assign employee subgroup to employee group

        In your opinion what can I do !?

        Best regards.