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Using and Sharing Scorecard

We always required to share scorecard to the end users and it is not always possible to provide give access Information Steward to view only scorecard.

So very good feature by SAP is Scorecard Sharing. We can use the link of scorecards and share it in the SAP portals, BI Dashboards and also in WebI reports.

Follow the below steps to use and share the scorecard.

1.In Data Insight window, click on Project’s ‘Scorecard’ link instead of ‘Workspace’


2. Click on ‘Share’ button


3. Link will appear in a box.

4. This URL can be shared and embedded in other applications such as BI Dashboards and SAP Portals.


5. To showing demo I am using a WebI report. Open WebI report and use <A> tag to link the document with scorecard.


6. when end user will access the report, link will appear as follows.


7. Once the user will click on link he would be able to see the scorecard in the browser as follows.




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  • Hi Chetan,

    Informative document.

    In #4, you state “This URL can be shared and embedded in other applications such as BI Dashboards and SAP Portals.” Can the URL be used in other tools as well? For example, could it be used in a custom application?



    • Thanks Blair. Hope it is helpful to you.

      Yes, you can embed the link to any application/tools as far as users have the access to dashboards.



  • Is there a way for individuals to see these dashboards without having to be set up with an Information Steward account? We would like to distribute this to a large number of individuals and we can’t work out how to provide broad access that doesn’t require a login.