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To LOOP or not to LOOP, that is the question.

As a developer/researcher, you sometimes try silly things. Some of these actually provide results you want to share.

Here’s one: What would happen if you created this program and tried to run it?

Important: Answer by running your own compiler (the one in your brain), before hacking in into SE80 😉


DO '0.5' TIMES.
  WRITE 'Hello world!'.


A) Does not compile

B) Runs, but no output on screen

C) Prints Hello on the screen

D) Dumps when being executed

E) Prints Hello world! on the screen

F) Goes into an infinite loop

G) Prints Hello world! five times on the screen

Would you have guessed?

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  • Hii Andreas,

    It's cool.

    But the '0.5' will be shown as red.

    But did'nt get your point for writing this code what you want to convey?

    Is this code  vulnerable towards SQL injection?

    By the way Thanks for sharing.



    • Hi Syed,

      this is just an experiment. No purpose. No vulnerabilities here. Not even a SQL Injection 😉

      Could you pls. remove the line with your answer, so other readers can still guess?

      Thx, Andreas

  • Hi Andreas,

    It would be round of mechanism inside as per my experiment.

    suppose you run with

         '0.4' no output

         '0.5' execute 1 time

         '1.4' execute 1 time

         '1.5' execute 2 times.