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SAP HANA – How to create an Attribute View

Today we are going to create one of the artifacts of HANA called Attribute View.

SAP HANA has three types of views

1.Attribute View

2.Analytic View and

3.Calculation View

What is an Attribute View ?

Attribute views are like Dimension( like SAP Business Warehouse).These are view on one more tables built using joins.(like we create Database views in ABAP).

These are reusable artifacts and can be used in other views like Analytic view.

In this section we use the EPM data model shipped with SAP HANA system to create an attribute view.We use business partner data spread across different tables.The business partner information is needed wide across the system and hence we will be creating a reusable attribute view.

  1. All the artifacts are created under Content folder under a custom package.H1.png
  2. Enter the attribute view name and description and click on Finish.


3. You will see the Graphical designer like below.


4. Drag the table to the Data Foundation for which you want to create attribute view.I have selected SNWD_BPA and SNWD_AD.After you have add the tables screen will look like this.Join the tables with a common field in my case ADDRESS_GUID.


5.Select the fields to be displayed(out put) from both the tables. You can see the output fields selected under Out put–>Columns. You can also create a calculated column in attribute view.


6.You can also define the join type and cardinality under properties by clicking on the join link.


  7. For Attribute View you must have at least one Key Attribute. Click on Semantics go to Column tab to set the key attribute.


  8. Now your Attribute ready.Check and activate.After activating you can see the attribute view under package right click–>Data Preview to see the data.




     To preview data you need SELECT privilege on the attribute view.if you are using HANA Cloud Platform please run the this stored procedure to gain SELECT privilege – CALL “HCP”.”HCP_GRANT_SELECT_ON_ACTIVATED_OBJECTS”.



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