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Author's profile photo Jerry Wang

Do you believe the malfunctioned RFC destination will cause interaction center UI hang

Yesterday when I am doing my development under interaction center environment, I suddenly find I cannot log on interaction center UI any more.

After I choose my business role ZSOCIAL, the UI hangs there with only information “Starting”. Ten minutes later, I got a time out error in UI.

I did a quick check on my development objects and I can ensure this is not caused by my new development. I checked SM21 and SM50 and could not find any hints.

So again I have to debug to find the root cause. But where should I set breakpoint? Since in principle the component set for IC CRMIC_DEFAULT will always be loaded when IC UI is launched, it will be a good starting point to set breakpoint in method CL_CRM_BOL_CORE=>load_component_set. Soon I found the application will hang once that method is called, so I know I am not far from the truth.

In this customizing you can find all components belonging to component set CRMIC_DEFAULT.

The timeout must come from loading one of these components.

Finally I found the component ERP is the trouble maker. The system hangs after I click F6 in line 101.

The root cause is that RFC destination EBJCLNT001 does not work, so RFC call hangs until time out occurred.

This RFC destination is maintained in this customizing:

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      Author's profile photo Nicolas Busson
      Nicolas Busson

      Hi Jerry,

      To answer your blog post title: no I don't, because that should not happen in a well designed application. Here the problem is: even if your RFC destination is correct,  maybe your backend system is down for a while and you won't be able to start your CRM until it wakes up again... how can that be? it just doesn't make any sense at all.

      What do you think?



      Author's profile photo Jerry Wang
      Jerry Wang
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nicolas,

      in my opinion, if the settings for the RFC destination itself is correct, there are still possibilities regarding remote system availability:

      1. remote system is down.
      In this case, if you test connection in SM59, you will get a immediate return with error message like connection failed.

      2. remote system could not response the RFC request in time( perhaps due to high workload, no available work process to pick up the request ? )
      I did a test connection in SM59 on the RFC mentioned in my blog, the test hangs there, after a few minutes I got a message connection time out.

      So for the second case, IMHO, I don't think if there is a good approach from software design point of view to avoid it. What do you think?

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Nicolas Busson
      Nicolas Busson

      Hi Jerry,

      In fact for your second point there is still the ability to customize the time out delay to have it after 2 seconds or so...

      So let's focus on your first point. You can test it with an invalid destination (a system that doesn't even exist): you'll get a response immediately. The problem is: still you won't be able to log on to CRM because the system was designed in such a way that you will keep on trying to reach the backend system until the connection is successful. At least this is what happens with business roles UTIL_IC and FCC. I opened an oss message of course.

      Support created an oss note "work as design", suggesting somewhat to use pen and paper to answer customer call when such situation arise. What about that?



      PS: here is the note I was looking for >> 1917329 - CRM-IU: During the Identification in ICWC a timeout occur

      Author's profile photo Luís Pérez Grau
      Luís Pérez Grau

      How many notebooks and pens are delivered with each licence of SAP CRM? 😈

      Sorry the tempation was here...and I'm weak 🙁