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I would like to share a small information which I experienced couple of days back in my project.

I had a requirement to extract data from 0FC_OP_01 DataSource in my project. I activated the datasource and when checked in RSA3, zero records were extracted. Later when I checked in the DFKKOPBW (OI Extraction) table in SE16, it had no data.

I found the solution to pull data into DFKKOPBW table.

We have to perform the mass run activity from t-code FPBW by giving the Date ID and Identification. It extracts the open items data from base table DFKKOP table to DFKKOPBW table.


Later check the DFKKOPBW table in SE16, it shows records.


Check in RSA3:


Later you can follow the basic steps of replicating in BW and designing the flow as per the project demands.

This is how you can extract data into 0FC_OP_01 (FI-CA Open Items on Key Date) DataSource.

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  1. Former Member

    You Always coming with good information Thanks poorna.

    Request to change doc header line as ” 0FC_OP_01 DataSource Extraction”.its might be easy to search on google by using data source name.


  2. Former Member

    Dear  Anjaneya,

    Nice Blog, Great Job. I have bit doubt, what does “Identification AAA” refers to? I mean is it constant value to supplied for all the cases?  or its differs from module to module?

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Mahesh,

      Thanks for the nice comment.

      “AAA” is just a notification I used here, You can mention anything, its just like name of the run (for identification).

      Hope you understood.




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