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SAP Fiori Wave 2 : Coming soon

Excited with the Fiori wave 2 release dates coming close , recently got a chance to attend a short webinar on wave 2 and feel like sharing the info, hope this will help 🙂

Highlights : Fiori apps classified under 3 areas :

  • Transactional – 50 Apps (With 25 from wave 1) – Runs on any DB and HANA
  • Analytical – 50 Apps – Runs only on HANA
  • Factsheet and Contextual Navigation – 85 Apps – Runs only on HANA

Total 185 apps for now, 250 or 215 planned by Feb2014

Couple of more new features :

  • Enhanced FIori Launchpad : Even Better app experience (New Launchpad, Search etc)
  • Fiori Active Tiles : Providing Real time information and KPIs at a glance
  • Supports additional Browsers & Languages
  • Options to Integrate with SAP Mobile Platform 3.0
  • Online as well as offline capabilities. 🙂 😀
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  • Hi Tejas,

    Do you mean with 'Total 185 apps for now' that the 185 Fiori Apps are already launched?Or are they launched by the end of this year?

    Do you know where I can find more information about those 185 apps?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Just replied to your post 🙂

      Close to 185 will be launched by teched 13, 50 apps are going to be transactional apps which they have shared :

      Sales Rep (SD)

      • My Customers (View,Create)
      • My Contacts (View, Change, Create)
      • Create Quote
      • Change Qoute
      • My Quotations pipeline
      • Win/Loss Analysis

      Project Manager / Project Employee

      • Change WBS element status
      • Confirm milestone
      • Confirm activity

      Production Worker:

      • Confirm production order
      • Confirm production operations

      Porduction Supervisor:

      • Release production order

      Quality Engineer:

      • Report Quality Issue
      • Track and confirm task


      • Report Travel expenses

      Sales Rep (CRM 7.0)

      • My Customer Search, View, Edit, Create Contacts
      • My Contacts Search, View, Edit, Create Contacts
      • My Calender / My Activities View Edit Create
      • Notes: Capture unstuctured information on a table and create followup based on CRM activities
      • Sales Documents Lookup of required document
      • Customer presentation insight form tables/laptop
      • Collaborate account document and collaborate with back office, tagging.
      • Attach document tot CRM system (e.g. opportunities, Activities)
      • Opportunity: Create, Edit, Display
      • Leads: View, Edit, receive leads and followup with potential customers

      Rest 25 are already available 🙂

      Rest 135 will run on  HANA DB only, Analystical and  Factsheets which they have not shared : still an overview :


      Materials requirement planner

      Production worker and Supervisor

      Quality Engineer

      Supply planner


      Program manager/ Project Team member



      Cash Manager

      Employee T&E

      Collection Specialist

      G/L Analyst


      Sales representative

      Inside Sales representative

      Sales CRM

      Sales Rep & Manager

      Hope this info is helpful 🙂

      Check this blog as well :

      • Tejas

        It looks like you copied this information from Pim de Wit's blog post (it includes the same typo for "calender"). While you referred to the post as "check this blog as well", you didn't make it clear that you'd just copied Pim's content. Please refrain from doing this in future.



        • Yes DJ I have copied the details from Pim de Wit's blog and have given the reference link of the blog as well in the comments section .

          Also please see that my blog is not copied, but the details which were required by Saskia Weber were provided from the blog, where I had attached the link as well for reference.

          Sure I will avoid this in future.

          • I didn't say your blog (post) was copied, I was replying to and referring to your comment with the details of the Fiori apps, which you lifted directly from Pim's blog post.

            Thank you for not doing this in future.

  • Interesting list of apps that cover all major areas in most domains. Hope integration with SMP provide more features like push notifications that makes the app more powerful. Thanks for the update Tejas.

    - Midhun VP

    • Includes Kapsel/ Hybrid Web container and Yah there are options to integrate with SMP 3.0, which will enable foundation for offline capabilities, push notifications and additional security..