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SAP EMR redesigned for iOS 7 and more

First of all thanks for staying up to date with EMR news! We really appreciate you, following our journey.

It’s been quite a busy time since Apple released its newest version of iOS 7 and you are probably all aware of all the implications this major release presented to both customers and SAP as well.

To present you with the best possible user experience, we chose to rewrite EMR’s UI from the ground up. It now appears in a much more cleaner, structured way fully embracing iOS 7’s flat design pattern. Here a few impression on the new look.

EMR Unwired for iPad

Patient List

Vital Sign Charting



EMR Unwired for iPhone

Patient Preview Facet List Capture Dialog
iPhone_iOS7_PatientPreview.png iPhone_iOS7_Facetlist.png iPhone_iOS7_Capture.png

So what else is new?

Native to JSBridge Callbacks

EMR Unwired provides a way of calling native functions of the application by using a native to javascript bridge, the JSBridge. We have enhanced the JSBridge to now also inform the calling HTML5 component when a user has canceled the picture taking process. The webpage can now, for example, stop all loading indicators or present placeholder images. These callsbacks are processed in case of an error, cancellation of the request and of course on success.

Native Audio Recording

An HTML5 addon can now request to natively record audio. The user is  presented with a simple UI allowing him to record and playback audio. Once recorded, the audio is sent back to the HTML5 component for further processing.

Audio Recording Audio Playback
iPad_iOS7_Audio_Recording.png iPad_iOS7_Audio_Playback.png

Patient info displayed during picture taking

If a picture is taken by the native camera application, the camera now displays the selected patient information as an overlay directly on screen. A physician now can always be sure that he is taking the picture for the right patient.

iPad_Picture Taker.png

Updated Documentation and App Download

New version of the JSBridge and updated documentation can be downloaded from the SAP Application Development Partner Center.


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