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Blog it Forward – Maggie Fox

Never able to resist a meme, I’ve been tagged with Blog it Forward – Jeanne Carboni (this reminds me of “Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Me”, a blog theme that popped up in 2008!)

I am new to SAP (on the inside) but have worked with the company since 2007 as a consultant. Details about my background and role can be found here, but in a nutshell, I have the pleasure of leading the tremendous Digital Marketing team. Here are my additions to the Blog it Forward chain:

What was the most exciting thing that ever happened to you?

SUCH A TOUGH QUESTION. I can honestly say that I have had a very, very interesting life. I had quite an unconventional and independent adolescence, thanks to my very understanding parents. I then went to school to learn how to make television, which helped land me a job at MuchMusic (the Canadian equivalent of MTV), where I got to write contest creative and accompany winners on trips to see bands all over the world (I’m completely serious). After that, I wrote and produced network TV news (they used to call me “the 12 year old” ;-). In the late 90’s I went back to school for computer science and multimedia, and started doing web projects, giving me a front-row seat for the “dot bomb” (fun! not really!). After that I freelanced for a few years while I had a kid and messed around with new platforms like Blogger (remember that?). In 2006 I put together a social media startup that became Social Media Group, which I ran for seven years as CEO. SMG really opened the world to me – allowing me to meet so many good friends across the Internet, and giving me a platform to share my thoughts, opinions and theories (good or bad) with others. Because of that experience I became comfortable on stage and on camera, and got to work with top-notch companies like Ford, 3M and SAP, and eventually work at SAP, which is absolutely a career high point for me.

What do you think is your most unique strength, and how do you use it?

Comfort with change. I’m not saying it’s not scary (it is) but it’s also exciting; with change comes great opportunity. When you can push past the fear/uncertainty, you have the chance to imagine anything and make it real. I find that thrilling – a great way to accelerate innovation, your career or even just your thinking on a subject.

Who do you admire most and why?

This will probably sound corny, but my mother, for a few reasons – I had absolutely no idea that there might be some people out there who perceived my abilities through my gender until I ran into it for the first time when I was in my 20’s. The neat thing about that was I was old (and confident) enough to look at the individual/situation and think, “Seriously?” before continuing to ignore it. I’m not saying it doesn’t still pop up (especially as one gets more senior) but it’s not a part of who I am, so I don’t let it define me. My mother is also a very unconventional person in her own way, and did what she wanted to in life. That wasn’t easy, and I respect it enormously (it’s also a kind of fun “secret” about her – conservative on the outside, really unusual on the inside). Finally, the lady just always does the right thing, no matter what. It’s her pole star, and having a guiding principle like that makes life a lot easier.

Alright – you have to suggest who I can tag in the comments – everyone I know has already done this!!

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