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report bbp_vendor_sync failed to replicate creditors

Dear All,

Some users have failed to replicate ECC vendors without organizations using report bbp_vendor_sync.

The reason is as below:
In Program BBP_VENDOR_SYNC_F05, from line 16, it has coiding to check if vendor is a creditor:
loop at gt_vdsync_cust into gs_vdsync_cust.
    loop at gt_vdreplist assigning <fs_main_vdupd>
            where logsys = gs_vdsync_cust-log_sys.
      if <fs_main_vdupd>-purchorg is initial.
        lv_inv_parties = ‘X’.
        clear lv_inv_parties.

      if lv_inv_parties eq ‘X’ and gs_vdsync_cust-creditor is initial.
        delete gt_vdreplist.

      if lv_inv_parties ne ‘X’ and gs_vdsync_cust-creditor eq ‘1’.
        delete gt_vdreplist.

If ECC vendor has no organization assigned, it will have indicator ‘lv_inv_parties’ set as ‘X’.
Then it will also check if creditor transfer is allowed via customizing table gs_vdsync_cust.

For more information about customizing method, please refer to KBA 1943766

Of course, you may use t-code BBPGETVD to replicate such vendors instead of bbp_vendor_sync,
because it has explicit indicator “Transfer Purely Credit-Side Supplier as Invoicing Party”.

For the creditor which failed to be replicated, you may notice that it generated BP number in
table BUT000, but has no entry in table VENMAP. Such vendors won’t be replicated again even if
customizing is maintained well later.

In order to correct such problematic vendors, the following two options are provided:

A) There is function module BBP_VENDOR_SET which will insert entries into
   VENMAP table. For affected user, you can execute this function module.
   Please note before identifying the root cause, please do not use this function module.

B) This method can only be used when there are no open documents for the affected vendors:
   Please use FM BUP_BUPA_DELETE to remove the BP data from the system, and then replicate
   these vendors again with bbpgetvd.

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