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How to make SQVI /personalized Queries available to other Users

Hi Guys

This is my first blog ,Please excuse for any errors.


SQVI queries are personalized queries and are not visible to other users.

If you want to make your SQVIquery available to other users as well, below is the process I learned.


Can create user groups using SQ03, so that you can assign the query to that group and make it available to the users.

In this example I have created a group TEST

To Do

Execute the SQVI tcode.


Click on SAP Query


Please go to Environments—Query Areas —select Standard area.



Now to go to Query—Convert Quick View



Enter the Name of the Query and name of the infoset



Now Assign the users to user group TEST ( in this case) using SQ03


Check mark the Test Group and click save


Now users can go to SQVI

Click on Sap Query, and then go to Environments—Query Areas —select Standard area.

They can see the query and execute as well.


I hope this helps for beginners ,

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  • This has already been answered on SCN, one of the top posts on Google ('convert SQVI to query') goes back to 2008:

    This may be very easily done from SQ01 as well and does not require creating a new user group (an existing group may be used) - just to clarify.

    Not to discourage you from blogging, but you might want to search SCN before posting. Even though there is nothing wrong with writing a blog on a subject that has already been discussed, such blog should have more information than just the screenshots. Just IMHO, of course.

  • You are actually much better off converting the query code to a real report with transaction of it's own and then adding application checks instead if table authorizations... and performance optimizing it... transporting it... testing it...

    Actually you are much better off creating your own reporting with a skilled ABAPer or using the standard reporting options than fiddling around in tables...



  • Dear Pavan,

    can I ask you a question? What is your goal here?

    Why I ask:

    a) Your document is ok, good that you shared what you've learnt. If I found that 3 years back in my career I would find it helpful, I guess.

    b) Although your document is sort of ok (although covered by many many other documents, blogs, forum posts etc.), IMO the correct process of sharing (in order to become a recognized member of the community) would be to say "yes, sir/ madam" and do what they say. Which means turning your "unique piece" into a stepping stone for the beginners that follow you and want to learn what you've learnt without spending the hours in the system or Googling for things (you know Google, right?).

    c) When I say "do what they say", it is for multiple reasons. One of them is that the people that commented on your blog above are respected members of this community for a long long time and they mean well. Although you might think they don't appreciate you enough, it is not like that. They're actually sacrificing their free time and put some effort into guiding you towards greater good for you and this community (in case it is not obvious, they are helping you becoming a better person and giving your career a boost in case you understand, listen and act upon that).

    d) You ignored all of the comments above. Ok, your call. As far as I can tell you didn't follow any of the advise you got. Ok, your call again. But to start complaining about the moderators just because you don't feel appreciated enough (while ignoring all the feedback and improvement options) is IMO dumb. Sorry, I am being fair here, although it is not clear to me if you are interested in fair feedback.

    e) In case it is not clear what you should do now (you can call it a pressure from the crowd), you should turn your unique piece into the stepping stone I mentioned above. How to do it? You should be telling story A to Z. There are gazillion ways how to learn what you've described, but there is no story around that that would make it valuable document for the masses. Maybe you can start with the request you got. Then describe the challenges you were facing. Describe the vocabulary that wasn't clear to you when you got that task. Describe how you went about it. What you did first, what second. What were the questions you were asking yourself along the way, how you found the answers for these questions and how you combined that knowledge into ...the result you needed to get as well as the bigger picture that you learnt.

    I am ready to help you further as long as you play by the book and you're nice to people. People around you are also nice and mean well for you. I wish you many beautiful days spent by helping people further as well as sharing for the better world.

    Cheers Otto

    • Dear Otto

      We are all here to learn new things, gain knowledge and also spread the same.There were couple of instances before this blog and also after this as well,very few ppl were really harsh in their comments and liked the harsh comments on me.

      Coming  to this blog , I have read those comments and I always try not to repeat my mistakes.

      everyone will appreciate honest feedback and so do I

      Following Jelena Perfiljeva advice  i have created a document with out any images/screenshots on PFAL , which I have learnt during my hands on CRM security  and it was removed,later i got to know its because" less useful than reading docs".

      It does not let me down, I will continue to follow the rules and will post documents according to that.

      I respect each member , irrespective of how long they are in the community.

      Trust me Otto , you do not know what I went through

      Thank you again for your feedback and time really for this post

    • Hello Otto,

      Read your long comment  and I am just wondering what is your goal here.

      I think the comments section should be used to give feedback about the blog/document created and needs to be limited to technical details.

      Any other moral reasoning & advise should be given in other sections like Coffee Corner..etc.


      • I'm not Otto, but I believe he expressed his position very well in the recent blog already.

        Just like the blog's author is entitled to their opinion, the readers are entitled to theirs and should be free to make the comments according to their opinion, as long as they don't violate any community rules. Feel free to comment on the Otto's blog - no need to limit yourself to the "technical details". 🙂

        • Hello Mudasir.

          I meant well, but probably the wording change the context. I am going to write a blog as an answer to your concerns and to explain what is my position in this case. If you can forget about "us" and "them" thinking for a moment and read that piece without a bias, maybe we can settle with something positive. I never intended an offense, rather a "guidence" because I felt that was needed here and would have been for the best of "both the worlds".

          Hello Jelena,

          Thank you for defending me 🙂 I appreciate that. If possible we try to find a tone that is constructive and positive enough to motivate the change but with a bit of salt to emphasize that there is a problem here. I enjoy SCN flamewars very much, but in a controlled environment (which means a group of freaks that fight for fun and are friends with one another the remaining 364 days of the year). In this case someone might get hurt which we must prevent at all costs. I can imagine my life would have been much much different if the first feedback I got about my SCN contributions was all negative.

          We will see how many of the contributors to this discussion can read my blog, breath slowly for ten seconds and then try to find something positive.

          Although people can see that differently, I remember very well when I was Mr. Nobody (I still am that man, but Google knows me now, which can change the perspective of some of the people) and want to help others who are just starting their journey with SCN.

          I am not trying to be nice too much, I am just explaining what I feel and think. If the "other side" does not understand or does not want to understand what we are talking about, then it is pointless to talk. I will write that blog so that my conscience is happy and as usual: if my blog helps a single person, it was worth the time. As usual: please comment, because that is the whole point. I am not writing these blogs because I have nothing to do and want to show off, ok?

          Cheers Otto

          • I am disappointed. If you think you can label anyone objecting to your comments as one with  'Us and them' thinking then there is no point in taking this discussion any further. And Please do not write another blog for explaining this comment too.

            Thanks for inviting me to your blog but I will skip it. I would rather check a technically relevant document/blog which will help me learn and contribute positively.

      • You might think that, but the people who run the site don't. Comments are for comments -  they do not have to be related only to the technical.

        If I see how a blog or document could be improved and I point it out, and the poster takes on board those comments and implements them in his or her next blog, then everyone benefits for continually improving content.

        This site has members from many many different cultures. We do not conform to one idea of what is correct behaviour.

  • Hi Pavan,

                    I have just seen your first blog. Although it was already discussed earlier, you wanted to share whatever you have learnt. I appreciate it. There are many repeated Blogs/Docs revolving in SCN. Earlier pre-moderation use to be there. But now it's no more.

                    But I feel some people commented on your blog very harshly. It would hurt you as you are a beginner. You would get demotivated by it. I suggest you to take lite of such harsh responses. Try to come up with untouched topics and keep all quiet. All the very best to you.

    There is no need to ask you "What is your goal here?" Every one will have their own goals. It's not required to share with all.



    • When you write a document or a blog, or post or respond to a discussion/question you should always be thinking "what am I trying to achieve"? And when you've finished you should ask "have I achieved what I set out to achieve"?.

      • yes  I completely agree with you Matthew, My whole and sole intention was to help and I am now learning how exactly and what exactly I can/should post .So that it will  be more useful to other people

        Thank you Matthew for your time 🙂

        The other day .. I was reading your discussion in Coffee corner discussions, about "dear" and "your culture" ... quite a funny discussion.

        Now Moving on to be better member in SCN


  • There was a similar example of a beginner's blog but, as you can see, it was more well received. The reason for that was that the author added a personal story and commentary.

    Yes, we don't know "what you've been through" and it's because it wasn't shared with us (as one would expect in a blog). Unfortunately this blog is not only in violation of Rules of Engagement (see # 3), but also doesn't quite fit the blog definition. And this has been posted in the Security space yet doesn't even touch the security aspect. Many things to improve upon here...

      • He has already got enough doses of lectures, by which he got demotivated a lot. I am one of the person who grown up in SCN over a period of time. I know how a contributor feels and reacts. He would have made his first blog with lot of expectations. But unfortunately, it has reverse swung on him due to whatever reasons.

        My intention is to motivate him by giving 5 Stars(It will certainly increase his confidence levels). I have never seen an option of filtering blogs with Star ratings. There are big fishes in SCN who are playing with WIKIs and what not, just to reach next levels.

        Mr. Pavan Maddipatla is a small fish and just started swimming in SCN. I strongly feel an advice should not be harsh instead it should be soft, so that it would serve the purpose.

        A harsh advice can destruct him and get out of SCN. This is not we want here. This is all I can say in this matter. Rest is up to you guys..

        • Suman, there is a Like button in the Action box that is perfectly appropriate to use in such cases. "Sympathy rating" would just do disservice to other community members that would look for that rating to assess the content quality. Yes, currently there is really no way to search by rating, but it doesn't mean this won't be available in future. Also the ratings are quite valuable to others who stumble upon the blogs outside their area of expertise. By highly rating medoicre content what kind of an example would we set for all the community members?

          I'm not disagreeing with you on motivation, but liking and commenting would seem more appropriate means for that.