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Absence Quota Group Infotype – OSS Note 1816423

Hi All

As a follow up to my previous Work Schedule Finder blog post (Work Schedule Finder – OSS Note 1795844) i want to follow up with another of the Time Management Improvements that were released earlier this year. These improvements came out of the Customer Connection program mentioned on other blogs here on SCN.

This improvement is called New Infotype for Absence Quota Group and provides a new Infotype (3355 – Absence Quota Group) that can be used to allocate an employee to a different Quota Selection Rule Grouping.

The Quota Selection Rule Grouping is assigned via the following methods:

  • Feature QUOMO
  • MODIF Q operation in Time Evaluation
  • User Exit (I haven’t tested this yet but the pre requisite note, 1816424, makes mention of HR_DETERMINE_QUOMO_EXIT suggests the Infotype should over-ride the exit – if you know please comment).

Based on the Grouping returned by these methods the quotas, and associated rules, are selected from table V_T559L. This area of configuration allows defined entitlement rules to be set and executed by the system ensuring that each type of employees leave entitlement adheres to the defined T’s & C’s outlined in the clients requirements. However, since the decisions above are based on fairly fundamental data assignments, like Pers. Area, PSA, etc, then there is little flexibility to make exceptions to the generation of leave for employees.

This new improvement allows HR Admin to allocate an employee to a different set of Absence Quota entitlement rules, via the application of the new Infotype, than those defined by their assigned master data. This over-rides the configuration and references the 3355 Infotype instead.

This improvement is available as an individual SAP Note numbered 1816423. This note is also included in Support Packs 95 for ECC6 and 61 for ECC6.4 (that is EHP4). These were released in May of 2013. Note there are some pre-requisites that need to be taken into account contained in note 1816424.

Effectively the note delivers the new Infotype 3355 – Absence Quota Group into your solution.


Next you need to include infotype 3355 maintenance in the required infotype menus used in the transaction PA20/PA30 in the following area of the IMG :- Customizing for Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing Procedures -> Infotype Menus -> Infotype Menu, or maintain the view V_T588B directly.

If Infotype 3355 is not contained within at least one infotype menu then the Infotype can still be maintained in PA30 BUT, and this is a big BUT, the feature QUOMO ignores any settings made against the employee and defaults back to the QUOMO rule.

So if you apply the note and it doesn’t work I would suggest this is the first port of call.

Lastly, you then need to define, in customizing view V_T77TIM_AQGRP, exactly what Selection Rules can be selected in the Infotype. This allows you to restrict the Selection Rules that can be assigned to an employee in any exceptional circumstances.

Lets look at an example that I have built in one of our demo systems.

Before I begin, if I run the report RPTQUOTA_CHECK I can see what selection rule is assigned to a specific employee on a specific key date. This is a really useful report to check your Absence Quota Configuration since it shows all the relevant configuration specific to the employees master data on a specific day. It comes into its own when fault finding any issues on your quota configuration.


I can see that it is Selection Group 03 assigned to this employee number 1. I know this means the employee will receive 25 days leave entitlement.

Lets prove this by creating a quota for 2014. Here we can see that 25 days are generated.

2006 1.jpg

Now I will go and create an Infotype 3355 for 2014. You can see I have set up, for the purposes of illustrating this improvement, 5 different selection rules all pointing to different entitlements.


I will assign the employee to group 4 and this should return an entitlement in 2014 of 28 days.

3355 1.jpg

Lets check that. I create a 2006 record for 2014 and I can see 28 days are generated.

2006 2.jpg

Now if I create a 2006 for 2015 I can see the system reverts back to the standard configuration and returns an entitlement of 25 days again.

2006 3.jpg

I have intentionally used a very simple example here and would suggest this infotype would really come into its own at the outset of a new Time Management implementation. This would allow defined scenarios to be specified that will support the leave process in the future.

With an existing system, depending on how your rules are set up, I can imagine there will be more than a few things to consider not least of which will relate to assigning a 3355 mid leave year and the admin that will go with it (what with delimiting previous entitlements and their associated Validity and Deduction Dates!)

Anyway, I hope you find this useful.

Kind Regards


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