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Recently there has been a growing movement within the SAP Community to make a case for open sourcing the UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 aka SAPUI5. I won’t rehash all the arguments again here but instead point you to this great post 13 reasons why SAP should open-source SAPUI5 by Jan Penninkhof who has brought all the reasons together very nicely.

So I thought why don’t we create a t-shirt to promote this idea and show some support – plus it makes a great geeky holiday gift with the holidays just around the corner. It needs at least 50 people to buy the shirt for it to go into print – you only get charged if it hits that number. You can buy the t-shirt here:

Just to be clear, the goal isn’t to make money from this, so the shirts are being sold at cost – the goal is to highlight this community initiative and have some fun.



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  1. Vijayakumar Mukunthan

    Hi Jan

      I am living in INDIA. But i am not able to order this T-shirt. Is it possible i can also get the T-shirt. In Region, its specific only for US. How about other country people?.

    I have also ordered one from US.



  2. Twan van den Broek

    Great community initiative. Too bad that SAP TechEd Amsterdam is already over. Would have loved to see the shirt on the show floor at the SCN clubhouse.

    Guess it’s also a nice one for Robin van het Hof shirt collection 😉

    Anyway, ordered my personal copy.

    Kind regards


    1. Simon Kemp Post author

      Thanks Twan. I hope we can convince another 34 people to order the shirt, otherwise it will never materialize 🙁 , I thought 50 would be a stretch, it may be a stretch too far. I will continue to try to make the community aware of it and hopefully we reach the magic 50 and they make it into reality!

  3. flavio ciotola

    Hi Simon,

    Awesome idea. Just discovered today about it, and found campaign is now closed (36 minutes ago…) 🙁

    Would it be possible to get one anyway, or is it really too late?

    Thanks a lot



    1. Simon Kemp Post author

      Hi Robin,

      I haven’t got any plans to do a wave 2, but if you think there would be demand then you should run a campaign yourself – I think now a more suitable shirt would be OpenUI5



    1. Simon Kemp Post author

      This is very cool Twan, thank you for sharing it here! Having it on stage and right next to Vishal is awesome!

      Now that SAPUI5 is open source (ish) – in OpenUI5, perhaps we need a new t-shirt 😀

      1. DJ Adams

        I found out internally at WDF the other day that Tobias was going to be on stage, so I persuaded him to wear my shirt (it was clean!) – results speak for themselves. Nice one Tobias!

  4. flavio ciotola

    Hi all,

    I have noticed that the teespring site can bring this t-shirt design back if there are at least 15 (actually 14 now, as I have reserved one 🙂 ) more requests.


    Even if SAPUI5 is now open source, for those still interested in this nice t-shirt, could be a good occasion to get and proudly wear it in the forthcoming summer (northern hemisphere…. 🙂 ).

    Thank you!



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