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Contains Pattern

For the longest time, I understood that Analysis Office did not support this feature.

I happened to be reviewing the SAP Help recently, and found that SP4 supports Contains Pattern:


“Contains pattern (for example, all values that begin with A)* A” Source: SAP Help

I tried it as follows:



It seems to find it:


This is a very simple tip from reading the SAP help.

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    • This might allow the filter by member box to be reduced to the Contains Pattern list..but if you simply type in the pattern.. ie =abc* into the variable prompt and hit go..its ignored.  At least in 1.4Sp5.  I just ran a query with a prompt for sub cat=1234*  and got everything back regardless of the pattern I asked.

      the point of patterns is to not need to select every thing.  In my case I need to apply a list of sub categories with the pattern and well…if we add more sub cats with that pattern, they will be missed the next time the query is run, unless I search and select the new list…defeats the point.

      variant creation is the same way.  If I create a variant that needs 123*, 567*, and 987*  then any thing meeting those criteria will be returned.  Currently AAO doesn’t do this like bex does.

      Hopefully this comes soon…its holding adoption back at our site.