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[Update: This course is being repeated with updates]

Hi everyone, please be informed that the course “Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform” was updated with new functionalities of the platform. Some of the units from the first course in 2013 no longer work seamlessly. To avoid issues on your side, please look into the repetition of the course “Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform”. There is also a course guide available with the links to all blog posts I wrote for the updated course.

Course Guide Week 6 – Advanced Features

Hi everyone,

we’re coming to the end of the  course Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

This last week will provide you with some insights into additional features like the SAP HANA Cloud Portal, Gateway-As-A-Service and SAP Mobile Platform – cloud Version.

Find below some additional information related to this week of our course.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 – SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Additional Information

Promo video of SAP HANA Cloud Portal

Unit 2 – Gateway As A Service

Common issues

You can’t access Gateway as a Service

In case your account was already created at the time when Gateway-As-A-Service was not available on the trial landscape you are not able to use Gateway-As-A-Service. The only way you can fix this is by creating a new account on the trial landscape again.

Unit 3 – SAP Mobile Platform – enterprise edition – Cloud version

Unit 4 – Wrap-Up And Outlook

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  1. Jason Scott

    It seems that allot of people (including myself) are unable to access gwaas. Looks like it has something to do with our cloud accounts being created before gwaas was available. We don’t have the “account” option under Authorization Management -> Roles to be able to select gwaas and therefore add the necessary roles.

    There are posts on the course forum about this but no announcement of any action at this stage?


      1. Rui Nogueira Post author

        Hi Fabian, see my comment above to Jason. To get this fixed you’ll have to create a new account on the trial landscape. Sorry for that.



        1. Fabian Lehmann

          Hi Rui,

          thanks for the info.

          if i want to register me again (with the same email address), i got the following error:

          This e-mail address has already been registered…

          how i can handle this?



  2. UNICEF GNV Consultants

    Hi Rui,

    It was really very tough to pace up with the load of information provided in the six weeks course. I had several issues that I looked through the blogs and resolved. In this week6 Cloud portal exercise, I was not able to see any demo sites neither the “New Site” button delivered any action. Please help me out on what I have missed in configuring the HCP.

    Also, I started using Windows 8.1(x64) on my new laptop and tried to install HCP Eclipse tools. The installation was successful with no errors but when I tried creating new server, the list didn’t show SAP HCP or local runtime options. Where I am wrong on this ?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Wasim Habib


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