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Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan

Let All The SAP Testing With Solution Manager 7.1 Myths Revealed In SAP TechEd Bangalore!!

Now SAP TechEd Session is going on, There were lots of new announcement, product strategy, roadmap updates shared in SAP TechED LV and Amsterdam. Next most awaiting one would be our SAP TechEd Bangalore, There would be much more excitement things queuing. Some of the common things in Agenda but with more zeal as key note by Vishal ( which last year we missed), 6 min Demo Jam with geeks, also very special unique things like SCNis10 celebration, Sourav as special guest and much more. Apart from all fun, SAP teched is one of the best technical and educational conference, we were provided for lots of hands on training, lectures, Demo Pods and new Q/A speaker booths with hands on speakers. With my passion on ALM area, I drill down to always solution manager related sessions. This year also there are more than 100 sessions scheduled for ALM area.

As you all know that, Since from SM 7.1 released SAP done much investment on User experience, custom code, Charm, ITSM and last but not least Test Management, SM 7.1 SP8 and SM 7.1 SP10 both these releases has dedicated enhancement for Test Management and Charm.

Charm is getting well matured now, there are lots of customers are getting benefited, As we consultants knew that how the configuration itself get automated and make our life easy

Now SAP Test management is one of the eye focusing area in solution manager, there are customers hiring candidates who would be expert only on this module, we can write couple of blogs only about the importance of testing in SAP.

SAP solution manager serves best for the support of testing, starting from Ecatt ( earlier version where only SAP GUI is supported) till the latest automated testing tools like CBTA and the future expectation like Standard regression testing (START). Like this we can count on the enhancement done on the testing area by SAP based on the customer requirement.

You may be very new to SAP Test management with the basic questions like what is test case, test script, what are the test management tools available, what are the sap test management options, you may be with intermediate level looking for more guidance on actual hands on new CBTA tool, new Test automation framework  or you may be already had handson looking for more answers for third party integration, TDMS, Test management for mobile and HANA products, why SAP testing third party tools, what are the future roadmap on testing.

What ever you are, if you are interested in SAP Test management and wanted to know that where is SAP with context to the test management support for customers, I would suggest the below session would be a better fuel for your brain.

Important Demo Sessions

ITM945      SAP Test Option 1

This is one of the finest session and repeating again on Friday, this is the two hours demo session for SAP’s new enhanced SAP Test Option 1 which gives the clear picture of Test Automation framework which includes the major tools like Ecatt, CBTA , QTP. This session might cover the latest registration of third party automated test creation tools via SUT. if you are the beginner in test management, This session would be suits for you, you can get the answered from your very basic questions like what is test case. 🙂

ITM949      SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization 3.0 for Regression Testing

This is two hours hands on session for tagged with beginners, SAP TAO 3.0 is recently released with much more enhancement for optimizing testing automation. Even if you were not worked before SAP TAO earlier version also, you can visit and get the very fresh essence of SAP TAO and its use cases.

ITM164      Test Automation using SAP Solution Manager

This is about the new component based test automation tool, I would be assisting this hands on, The exercises in this session would be very detailed, you can get step by step working scenario for CBTA associated with Test automation framework.

Testing for HANA and Mobile solutions

We are growing, our landscapes are flying cloud, HANA and Mobile are part of our landscape since 2010. What about testing options for these products. Will solution manager capable of managing and supporting our emerging technology changes and complexity in the landscape? The answer is perfectly yes. Solution manager 7.1 is designed in such a way, which can support your products on HANA, Mobile, Here are couple of sessions available for the update of test strategy on HANA and mobile. Don’t miss this very informative one hour lectures

ITM119      Test Strategy for Mobile Applications

ITM118      Test Management for SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA Migration Project

Enhancement showcases

SAP has fine road map for Test management, there are couple of session would be delivered to update the very prominent enhancement of the test management to the customers

ITM117      Test Management Overview – What’s New with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 Feature Pack 2

This basically give whole picture of Test management and customer usecase.

ITM218      EHP Scope and Effort Analysis – Only Adjust and Test What Matters

This session is the showcase of new scope and effort analysis feature and its business uses.

Q/A with speakers

Even after all these sessions you were not cleared there are couple of dedicated 30 min Q/A booths available with face to face discussion with the speakers.

SPK10520     Q&A: Test strategy for mobile applications with Sonal Kumar

SPK9661      Q&A: Past, Present, Future Of Test Management With SAP Solution Manager with me.

I assure if you attended any combination of the 2 to 3 sessions above all your major doubts on testing is clarified.  Hope I would get some of the most critical customer use cases updated. Plan your agenda now. Enjoy your most informative learning and sharing day at SAP TechEd!!  Looking forward to meet you all!

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      Author's profile photo Prakhar Saxena
      Prakhar Saxena

      Thank You Jansi.

      I have already blocked/booked my calendar to visit SAP Teched,India this year for sure.

      happy to meet all our SCN Colleagues

      Best Regards

      Prakhar Saxena

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      I look forward to your sharing your TechEd experiences after Bangalore.

      I didn't have time to attend any SolMan sessions at Las Vegas.

      Have a great TechEd