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MWST – Is it calculating wrong ? No way.

I had a peculiar problem posed by one of my user and thanks for this.

As per the User, SAP is calculating wrong MWST for a perticular line item as in the inset


Here it shows for the Value 144.80 the tax is 23% means it should calculate = 33.30

But calculating 33.33 i.e. .03 pence more and then checked in item condition MWST where I didnt understand first what is this condition round diff .03


why should SAP calculate MWST wrong?

I posted the thread and scratched my head endlessly and then found a peculiar behaviour of SAP

SAP calculates the Net VAT (MWST) to the correct value at the  bottom line, but rounds up and adjust with the highest calculated priced line item. I have checked randomly few invoices and found rounding can be seen for the highest calculated priced line item.

For example: 

Line item 40 in the sales order had the highest value and there the SAP rounded up.


and the line item 40 is highest priced and now go to item condition select MWST, double click and see


But when you see for the less then this priced line item you would not see the condition round diff as in inset


Similarly I check for several orders and this is the same thing I seen on every order.

One can calculate the whole Sales Order and see if the MWST is wrong?

for each line item if you see might be confusing, but when you total it up, will be right.

So in a nutshell, I can say SAP is calculating MWST right at the bottom line, but when you see each individual lines, it will be sometime confusing.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

By the way I have a related thread which inspired me to write this for the SAP Community is





Upon the request of a member adding screen shot of MWST Condition type from V/06




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  • Dear sridhar very good document You have shared .. thanks a lot

    But when you see for the less then this priced line item you would not see the condition round diff as in inset

    Plz make me clear on this ... On whch amount is low and why That rounding option wont be diplayed

    Thanks a lot dear

    • Hi Venu,

      First of thanks for liking it.

      Suppose there are 3 line items

      1.  Material 1  -  10 each -  10 Euro for 1 - 100 Euros

      2.  Material 2  -   5 each  -  45 Euro for 1 - 225 Euros

      3.  Material 3  -   3 each  -  90 Euro for 1 - 270 Euros

      in that case the line item 3 is having highest value  and the lowest value amonth 3 line items are for material 1.

      So if you put this on sales order and in item conditions, you will see the rounding will be on 3rd line item.

      So which ever line item have bigger net value.. will undergo the rounding on MWST.

      Check it.



      • Can you please share the screen of V/06 for your MWST condition type-What has been assigned at your rounding rule in master data1 Tab?

        What was the Rounding difference comparison you maintained?

        -I may not be with you that this was SAP Peculiar behaviour...

        Pl let me see and understand.


        • Hi Phanikumar,

          I highly appreciate your comment and for that valid reason I have enclosed the screen shot of MWST Condition type in my main body of work at the bottom.

          Now I want you to test and come back with screen shots and results and let me know why you felt so.



  • This post is really helpful bcoz many times we come across this common transaction..So just thanks a lot for your "wow" presentation. 🙂