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“Default Values In VK11”

Hello Guys,

By default maintaining of fields in transaction-VK11.

This can be useful for the client/end users who have to maintain there condition record several times.

For eg. This is a condition record maintaining for Export process FOB, it’s a small example for reference you can use as per user requirement.

Here parameter are been user for sales organization and price group and it’s been assigned in specific user ID. Below screen shot will help you to understand the process.

First step is to find the parameter of particular field which you want to maintain by default.

Step 1:-Find Parameter

Go to respective field as here sales organization press F1 then click on Technical Information. You will arrive at below screen.


Step 2:-

Assign parameter for all fields needed by requirement as per above you are clear how to find parameter,in this example i am making use of Sales organization-VKO and Price Group-VKA in t code SU3 with help of basis  in parameter tab. as in snapshot below.


Step 3:-Go to VK11 enter condition type

Enter condition type as here ZFOB.


Step 4:-

Enter default value will be appearing as below snap shot.


This is just small example as per requirement it can be designed…

Hope it will be helpful,plz give valuable comment if useful….

Thanks and regards,,

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