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CTC Information can be added as a standard function

I have seen in almost all the Indian client that they want CTC report. and always We use to provide custom solution. As I haven’t worked with any other country then India So can not comment on that.

For CTC (Cost to Company) information I have below solution came in my mine

1. Customer specific Infotype

2. Create some wagetype which does not affect payroll and put them in to IT-0008. I know this is not recommended to put more wagetype in IT – 008. but we can not help when client ask one screen where they can see the CTC information.

3. Use three infotype IT-0008, IT-0014, IT-0589

for one of my client I have created Z infotype and put all CTC component based on a Z Table. what ever is the allowance grouping selected at the time of data entry that custom infotype populated the field in the infotype screen. and data entered in to that screen CTC report comes out or a smart form getting generated for salary structure.

for another client I have used the 2nd option. where I have created many wagetype in IT-0008 like Company contribution to PF or Contribution to Gratuity etc. because I have seen one process in common. that applicant discuss only package and based on that HR gives the component. line 30% of the package is basic then 50% of basic is HRA and rest goes to some allowance. So always they want to enter only package value and the calculation what they are doing on Spreadsheet should come in infotype. These wagetype we create with all Processing class, evaluation class as blank. So these wagetype doesn’t impact payroll.It will come when we process function P0008 but will not impact on result.

Third option is that we enter all the basic wagetype in IT0008 and fixed allowance in IT-0014 and rest entitlements in IT0589. the challenge this solution is we can not see once screen which gives me information of CTC of the employee. we have to develop a report or a Smart form and have to do all the calculation of PF, ESI, Gratuity etc. so some time programming become challenging.

So I think there can be a infotype for CTC in the standard system which can be configured such a way that what ever we input here should reflect in Infytype 8.

This infotype might be a extension of IT-0008 and IT00589. and have check box that these are entitlement or salary or allowance. based on the check box or drop down final wagetype sit in the actual Payroll Infotypes.

One more option can be enabled at the screen level. as user want to enter annual package or monthly.

I know this functionality is there in ESS or can be easily built in ESS. but when SAP is targeting medium size enterprise then not more of a company can invest as much as ESS/MSS. so this could be a good option in R/3.

Friends Please any one have any better solution to this please let us know so we can get benefit and can give good thing to client…. 🙂

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  • Hi Ankit,

    I'll go with option 2 to achieve this. However, i agree that it all depends up on the business requirement and it varies from client to client. I did not come across this requireament but let me try and see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


        • Dear Madhav

          Yes for report where you maintain all the compoenent.

          Might be using third option that take wagetypes from infotype and Statutory calculated by program..

          Thanks and regards

          Ankit Vasavada

          • Dear Madhav

            Two things are there because of which we can not take from RT or CRT.

            1. RT and CRT stores actual paid amount and CTC report needs on elegible amount.

            2. RT generated post payroll run and salary structure or CTC report can be taken any point of time based on master data.


            Ankit Vasavada

  • Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your information. It would be good , if you could provide screenshots  It might be time consuming process but that will help a lot for reference in future.



    • Dear Rajesh

      I was talking about Standard SAP only and my views.

      I am not able to understand what screenshot I can publish..

      Please suggest.


      Ankit Vasavada

      • Dear Ankit,

        You have created a scenario for your client The same scenario if you could show with screenshots that would be helpful for reference  There is nothing much there to show in screenshots but still it would be good if you take one scenario and explain with screenshhots that would be helpful for peers to go through.