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Some of you might be aware that some time ago I created a Kindle eBook for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Why did I decide to publish my books directly as Kindle eBooks ?

Well, I personally stopped carrying around books as soon as I got my first iPad and the eBook format allows me to react much quick to any changes in the software and publish the updates out to everyone.

In addition there is the benefit of a much leaner and cheaper process, which also leads to a much cheaper price and I think that no one has a problem with that.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.2 has been released just a few days ago and I updated my eBook to reflect the necessary changes:

  • I updated the existing chapters to reflect the necessary changes of the 1.2 release
  • I added a chapter to highlight “What’s new in the release 1.2”
  • I added a chapter to outline the product roadmap for the release 1.3
  • … and I added a new sample application as part of the “What’s new in release 1.2” chapter to show that you can now use SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.2 and basically create a complete Ad Hoc reporting environment.

In case you did purchase the book already, here the steps to get the updated content:

  • Navigate to “Manage my Kindle
  • Find the book in your own Kindle Library
  • Click on “Update available” next to the book title
  • Follow the steps to update the book

Please note, that it might take 2 – 3 weeks until Amazon enables this, even though the book is already updated and new customers do receive already the updated content – sorry – not much an author can do about that time frame.

As next step I am going to include a chapter on the new available public SDK and will include some examples as well as a chapter on a plug-in from partner graphomate showing some very interesting charting components.

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          1. Antony Jerald J

            This would be difficult for people who don’t have account in Kindle 🙂  Even I don’t have kindly account.  So it would be nice if we have PDF’s shared in SCN community 🙂

            1. Tammy Powlas

              You do not need a Kindle to read this – I don’t have a Kindle but I am able to view it using the Kindle reader for the computer, Kindle reader for iPhone or iPad

              Go to and search for kindle reader

            2. Ingo Hilgefort Post author

              As said the books is available as Kindle eBook – no other formats available and for sure not a PDF that people can share instead of buying the book


              Ingo Hilgefort

              1. Krishanu Saha


                Some Questions..

                1. Can I read this ebook on my Android Device (Phone or tablet).. ? I dont want to Buy any iphone or ipad to read this book..

                2. Whenever there are some updates on this book, new topics or chapters, does it get updated automatically or I have pay again for the new release..?

                3. When I pay do I get the PDF or just a log in or license to read it on some site etc..?

                With your confirmation I will proceed with the purchase..

                Thanks in advance..




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