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The product initial download is triggered in CRM system. When you use tcode R3AS to start initial download with load object = Material, the respective Material data will be assembled by ERP extractor is sent to CRM system and get handled there. In the previous blog I show you how to debug this CRM inbound behavior. In this blog I will show you how to debug the outbound scenario in ERP side( for example, how does ERP extract work)

  • CRM system: QDD/504
  • ERP system: Q7Q/504

1. Start initial load as usual via tcode R3AS in CRM.


Note: In order to debug the outbound processing in ERP system, please make sure you have enabled “TRFC Block Sending” in your debugger setting.


2. Go to tcode SMQ1 in CRM:


find the outbound queue R3AI_MATERIAL with host = Q7Q/504:


double click the entry to its detail view:


double click the entry once more, and then click F8 to debug:


and the debugger in ERP system Q7Q will automatically be triggered:


The extractor name is returned by this FM:


This is the extractor for Material in ERP system:


it will be called to assemble the lists of material which are to be sent to CRM:


The gt_range just stores the filter settings you maintain in CRM system via tcode R3AC1.


The actual data retrieve from ERP DB table MARA is done here:


Finally the generic function module CRS_SEND_TO_SERVER is called in ERP side, which will send the corresponding material to CRM system:


the data to be sent is included in lt_bapimtcs:


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