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Lumira Analysing of #solman REFRESH_ADMIN_DATA_FROM_SUPPORT job

Hello forum, after some days fighting with SLD, SMSY, LMDB, and so more I get really frustrated about the low control to manage my solution manager data on a PCOE process. As I told on some previous comments and post, I try to download data from sap marketplace, import more system details from SLD’s of  managed systems, etc… I decide to publish that blog post here rated that on Lumira forums because here is more interesting for us to see how to analysis that job with that tool than for Lumira people, when this sure don’t have enough relevant or interest due to their complexity,

While explain that problems to the coffee machine I remember that we can use Lumira to analyse solution manager data, so, why not try to read the result of that job with Lumira ? lets go  what I can setup the log job to be able to analyse it with Lumira.

1.- Export the job result that contain around 3600 lines of error messages to Excel, that test is done from a Test system.

2.- Modify the excel layout to prepare data, that part is the bored one, because you have to create and filter to hide some useless message, sort the result by message type/class, and you need to create some formulas to be able to create “indicators” on Lumira.


That are the columns that I added to get indicators on Lumira (you can do that on Lumira, but for me is easy in excel 😆 )


And example of the formulas:

=IF.ERROR(IF(FIND(“authorization not found for customer”;C2;1);MID(C2;6;11);””);””)

=IF.ERROR(SI(FIND(“authorization not found for customer”;C2;1);MID(C2;81;13));””)


=IF.ERROR(SI(FIND(“when calling SAP backend”;C2;1);EXTRAE(C2;14;12);””);””)


3.- Import it to Lumira.


4.- After the import you have to prepare the data in Lumira, create the indicators on the left side and select different tools to display the information.


5.- For my test system, that’s the result were I can see the different errors of “Refresh_admin_data_from_support”, group by error type and with the option to display each group in a different chart, errors grouped as:

– Wrong mapping in AISUSER table for user XXXX

– Amount of deleted users

– Systems that has been created successfully

– System’s that can be created

-.Error on Installation, like user don’t have authorization for installation …..

– Warning about what installation didn’t has been flaged to be downloaded

– Amount of duplicated systems download fronm SMSY ( that’s is a surprise for me, I can’t imagine that this can happens while download the data from marketplace )

– Customer with no saprouter updated on marketplace

– Users without auth for maintain system data in marketplace.



I’m really new with Lumira and Analytic tools but with the ease functionality of Lumira, it’s possible to read that solman job’s easily; on the last 2 screenshots I try to represent the amount of error message on that job, where we can see that the winner is AI_SC_EN when if we avoid successful message the rest are problems on message creation. On the right hand is a chart to represent the installations that has wrong customizing in that solution manager test system. if we link the high value with the system list of the log message we can see where is the error on the configuration. That sample could be more usefull if you use the “join” functionality of Lumira to map the result with the AISUSERS, AISAPCUSTNOS and V_AININSR tables,

All that test are from my trial of Lumira, and only from excel data sources. I need to talk with my BO colleges to connect Lumira to solman BW data sources, then that analysis could be done near to in live system without mapping and adapting excels.

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      Former Member


      Great to read this post!! We've been seeing a lot of people working with the SAP suite of solutions and visualizing data on Lumira, you've done a great job.

      I would have loved to have seen this in the Lumira community though!

      Good thing I follow twitter!! --You should follow us too! @SAPLumira and @SAPLumiraExpert

      Looking forward to many great new posts~~


      Irshaad Bijan Adatia

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Good work and thank you for sharing - you may want to check the capitalization on some sentences (e.g. "i" should be "I")

      Keep up the great work

      Author's profile photo Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Lluis Salvador Suarez
      Blog Post Author

      Fixed Tammy, i need to write/learn more English 😉