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Important! Rules of Engagement Updated

Thanks for participating in the “Be a Better Member” mission. Check out my new blog post that includes the answer to the poll about the Rules of Engagement.

Since the launch of Gamification on SCN, we’ve noticed a marked increase in the amount of content being posted that violates the Rules of Engagement. In an attempt to increase the quality of content in the community, we revised the Rules of Engagement to make them clearer.

Be aware that we will be removing any content that does not follow the rules of engagement. First offense will include a warning to the author, content removal and points deletion. A second offense will result in account lock, as well as removal of points and badges.

rulesofengagementltblueRoE75png1420578c1d5.pngIn conjunction, we are launching a new mission to encourage all members to read the revised Rules of Engagement and complete an anonymous survey that will help demonstrate the collective understanding of rules by SCN members.

Upon completion of the mission, you will receive the “Be a Better Member”  badge and 15 points. To achieve the badge and points, read the Rules of Engagement and “Bookmark” them. Then take the survey.

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