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Step by step process to clear extract & delta queues during patch/upgrade in ECC system

I am writing this blog to give you the steps to be performed during ECC system patch/upgrade:

Process:  In SAP ECC system any transaction posted into data base tables it will post entries in BW related extract Queues (LBWQ or SMQ1) related to LO cockpit. These queues need to be cleared before applying any Patches or upgrade into ECC to minimize data loss if any changes in extract structures.

This document show step by step method to clear LO queues before applying the patches/upgrade into SAP ECC system.


Note: Below given JOBS/INFOPACKAGES names may vary in your scenario.

Procedure for V3 jobs of R/3 and Info packages scheduling before taking the down time:

1)      Schedule the below mentioned V3 jobs 4- 5 hrs before taking the down time continuously on hourly basis in SAP ECC system.

Ex. Jobs,

  • a.      LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_02_500
  • b.      LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_03_500
  • c.      LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_11_500
  • d.      LIS-BW-VB_APPLICATION_12_500
  • e.      LIS-BW-VB-APPLICATION_17_500


2)    2)  Schedule the below mentioned info packages 4-5 hrs before taking the downtime in SAP BW/BI system.

BW client XXX.

Ex. Info Package Name:             

a.      MM_2LIS_03_BF_RegularDelta_1

b.      MM_2LIS_03_UM_Regulardelta_1

c.      2LIS_13_VDKON(DELTA)1

d.      Billing Document Item Data:2LIS_13_VDITM:Delta1

e.      2LIS_12_VCHDR(Delta)1

f.      2LIS_12_VCITM(delta)1

g.      Sales Document Header Data:2LIS_11_VAHDR:

h.      Order Item Delta update: 2LIS_11_VAITM:

i.      Order Alloctn Item Delta1 updat :2LIS_11_V_ITM :


3)    3)  Ensure that there should be minimum data in Queues (i.e. in SMQ1or LBWQ and RSA7) if data is very high then again schedule the V3 Jobs in R/3 & info packages.


    Steps 1 to 3 are to be followed before taking down time to minimize data extraction time during down time for patch application.

4)    4) After taking the Down time SAP Basis team will inform BW team for clearing the Queues in ECC system.

5)    5) Follow the following procedure to clear Extract Queues (SMQ1 or LBWQ) and delta Queues (RSA7) (i.e. Before Application of Patches or upgrade)

a) Request SAP basis team to Lock all users in SAP ECC system (except persons who clearing the queues) and take down time of 45 minutes or depending   

     upon your data volume or plan.

b) Make sure that all jobs are terminated nothing should be in Active status except V3 & BW extraction Jobs in SAP ECC system.

c) Take screen shot of Tr. Code: SMQ1 or LBWQ before scheduling the V3 Jobs


  d) Screen shot of Tr Code: RSA7 before extracting the data to BW


   e) Screen shot of LBWE extraction structure


6)    6)  Copy following V3 Jobs in SAP ECC system – and schedule it immediately in down time for every five minutes to move data from Extract Queues (SMQ1 or LBWQ) to Delta queues(RSA7).

Ex.V3 Jobs,


    6.1 To Delete unwanted Queues in SAP ECC system.

These queues Ex. MCEX04, MCEX17 & MCEX17_1 are not being used in your project hence you need to delete these queues in ECC system.

Deleting procedure: Enter the Tr. Code SMQ1 and select the MCEX04 then press the delete button, it will take few minutes to delete the entries.

Follow the same procedure to delete other not required queues in your project.

7) Then schedule the info packages in SAP BW (XXX client) until the RSA7 entries become ‘0’.

  BW client XXX.

          Ex.  Info Package Name:

  • MM_2LIS_03_BF_RegularDelta_1
  • MM_2LIS_03_UM_Regulardelta_1
  • Billing Document Item Data:2LIS_13_VDITM:Delta1
  • 2LIS_12_VCHDR(Delta)1
  • 2LIS_12_VCITM(delta)1
  • Sales Document Header Data:2LIS_11_VAHDR:
  • Order Item Delta update: 2LIS_11_VAITM:
  • Order Alloctn Item Delta1 updat :2LIS_11_V_ITM :

8) If still Extraction queue (SMQ1 or LBWQ) has entries, repeat the step 6 to 7 until both the extract Queues and delta Queues read ZERO records.

9) After zero records repeat the step 6 to 7 for double confirmation to avoid any possible data entries.


10) Screen shot of Tr Code: SMQ1 after become ZERO.


  11) Screen shot of Tr. Code: RSA7 after become ZERO.



   12)  After ensuring that SMQ1 or LBWQ and RSA7 read ZERO entries, release the system for Basis for any upgrade or patch application.

   13)  After patch or upgrade is over SAP Basis team will inform SAP BW team to check the extract Queues and delta Queues are getting populated or not.

   14)  Request SAP Basis team Restore the all V3 jobs in ECC system to Original position and unlock all the users or system/communication users.

   15)  Check the Tr. Code: SMQ1 and RSA7 whether the entries are getting posted or not after restoring the V3 jobs in ECC system.

   See the screen shot




  16)  Check the Tr, code LBWE whether all the Extract structure or active or not see the screen shot after patch application.



  17)  Schedule the any of the info package in SAP BW ( from above list)

  See the screen shot


  This ends the Queues clearing activity.

Thanks & Regards

Puja Yerunkar.

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