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Dear All,

Whenever i come across the word “Blog It Forward“,it reminds me one principle Join>-Share>-Connect.

BIF challenge started in August 2012 by a great man xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) 😎   People accepted and joined this BIF challenge across the globe, shared their life style in terms of about oneself, fun facts about their hometown, country and about their family, organization etc.and are connected to other SCN members.

Well, this party began at 2.30 AM IST (4 PM EST) on 18th Nov last week.Here is some highlights how BIFers enjoyed this party celebration. All were in great party mood. πŸ˜€


Here are the some facts about Blog It forward shared by Moshe.



He is Moshe Naveh , person who brought this innovative and unique idea “BIF”.

Below statistics speak about BIF Challenge craziness:

  • has expanded in 26 countries as of now.
  • More than 234 SCN members has become part of BIF Family (and many more to join very soon).
  • USA is leading in terms of total number of BIFers from a single country followed by India and Australia.


Here come the BIF Stars. πŸ˜›

You can check their BIFs: Tammy Powlas, Jitendra Kumar Kansal, Sue Keohan


All BIFers must have got a cool and shiny Blog It Forward Badge to their SCN profile.


Thank you all who joined this virtual party and made it REAL. 😎 We all enjoyed and had fun throughout the party. A short quiz session initiated by Moshe brought smile/laugh on each and everyone’s faces. πŸ˜€ At the last, we had the winner for this quiz. Many congratulations Jürgen L.

Those who missed this party can see the quiz here.

Note: Those who are still not aware of BIF, can check Blog it Forward Challenge here and start sharing it. It would always be interesting and great to know about each others and about their country, hometown, organization, your life journey, family etc.

Let me OR anybody in BIF chain know if you need an invitation to share your journey.


Jitendra Kansal

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  1. Former Member

    Thanks a lot for the great summary and for staying up so late!

    As I said in the call it’s not a one men show but like the spirit of BIF we have many partners. Like Gali Kling Schneider that besides planning together the behind the scenes of BIF and constantly evangelism it, was also up late to join us for the celebration:). And of course the constantly growing family of BIFers who is slowly expanding all over the world:)! Can’t wait for next Year’s celebration.

  2. Anshu Lilhori

    Thanks Jitendra for giving the glimpse of BIF celebration party.

    Of course thumbs up to you for staying awake till late and then providing us the wonderful summary on the same.



  3. ' MoazzaM '

    Missed it πŸ™

    Good work Jitendra and Congrats for being BIF star. You are always very active and I see your comment on top on almost every blog in About SCN. Keep it up young man πŸ˜‰


    1. Jitendra Kansal Post author

      Thanks MozzaM for your cheerful and encouraging comments. !!!  πŸ˜€

      You can check quiz also in the above mentioned link.



          1. ' MoazzaM '

            Thank you sir for answering and congrats for winning the quiz. I hope you knew the picture which they took from my blog and its famour Fort here in Lahore.


    1. Former Member


      For those attending Teched Bangalore, please join us for the local BIF celebration which will consist of a friendly gathering and a quiz with prizes:)

      To register to be informed when this will take place please click here.



  4. JΓΌrgen L

    Today the prize has a arrived. A vintage jewel: a 1K T-shirt from SDN times. πŸ™‚

    Thank you very much Moshe Naveh

    In that old times the XL must have had a different meaning than today. No wonder why my 1/4 K M size t-shirt still fits me. Never mind, Christmas is close, and if I eat a little more than usual then I am certain it will fit like glove.


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