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Useful notes for LiveCache connectivity issues

It’s common to see many connection problems from SCM system to LiveCache Databases after SCM/LiveCache upgrades. One common symptom of this are errors in the DB59 connection tests and also short dumps during SCM activities with the following errors:

Runtime Errors         DBIF_DSQL2_CONNECTERR
Except.                CX_SY_NATIVE_SQL_ERROR

Short text
     Error setting up a secondary database connection

What happened?
     Connection to database system not possible with identifier “LCA”.

Also, we can see in SAP work process trace:

B  Loading DB library ‘/usr/sap/SQ7/SYS/exe/run/dbsdbslib.o’ …
M  *** ERROR => DlLoadLib()==DLENOACCESS – dlopen(“/usr/sap/SQ7/SYS/exe/run/dbsdbslib.o”) FAILED
  “rtld: 0712-001 Symbol getColumnLabel__Q2_6SQLDBC24SQLDBC_ResultSetMetaDataCFsPcQ2_25SQLDBC_StringEncodingType8EncodingLPL was ref
      from module /usr/sap/SQ7/SYS/exe/run/dbsdbslib.o(), but a”  (errno=8,Exec format error) [dlux.c       445]
M  {root-id=51C15BEF80481700E10080000A49231C}_{conn-id=00000000000000000000000000000000}_0
B  *** ERROR => Couldn’t load library ‘/usr/sap/SQ7/SYS/exe/run/dbsdbslib.o’
[dbcon.c      5767]
B  {root-id=51C15BEF80481700E10080000A49231C}_{conn-id=00000000000000000000000000000000}_0
B  ***LOG BYG=> could not load library for database connection LCA        [dbds         862]

This kind of problem, can have many causes(wrong environment settings, wrong LiveCache client version installed, wrong LiveCache connection parameters, etc..).

Therefore the following SAP note covers some important points about troubleshooting this sort of problem:

1875819 – LiveCache connection not working

Also, the following notes are important information about how to properly install the LiveCache client:

649814 – Updating SAP MaxDB / liveCache client software

And the proper LiveCache client version to use as of SAP Kernel 720

1487269 – Installation of kernel 720 in SAP MaxDB-based SAP systems

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