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Oracle KBAs/Notes released/changed on october 2013



The purpose of this document is to provide a list of Oracle KBAs/Notes released/changed on october 2013.


830576 Parameter recommendations for Oracle 10g
1020260 Delivery of Oracle statistics (Oracle 10g, 11g)
850306 Oracle Critical Patch Update Program
1171650 Automated Oracle DB parameter check
527843 Oracle RAC support in the SAP environment
745639 FAQ: Oracle enqueues
618868 FAQ: Oracle performance
641435 FAQ: Oracle Index Organized Tables (IOTs)
871455 Bad performance when accessing DBA and V$ views
742243 General table partitioning as of SAP_BASIS 46C
926023 Oracle database security
509314 Downloading Oracle Patches from the SAP Support Portal
1431793 Oracle 11.2.0: Upgrade Scripts
1431796 Oracle 11.2.0: Troubleshooting the Software Installation
1431798 Oracle 11.2.0: Database Parameter Settings
1438410 SQL script collection for Oracle
1499895 Code injection vulnerability in BC-DB-ORA
1524205 Oracle 11.2.0: Database Software Installation
1631931 Oracle 11.2.0: Patches / Patch collections for
1656191 Optimizer merge fix for Oracle
1656659 GI 11.2.0: Patches / Patch Collections for
1656654 Exadata 11.2.0: Patches for
1739274 Oracle 11.2.0: Database Parameter COMPATIBLE
1755636 Database Administrators Segregation
1820610 Text Corrections for Report RSORAISQN
1864212 Forcing complete space allocation for temp files
1871318 Linux: Disable Transparent HugePages for Oracle Database
1871529 Problems caused by compressed tables with long type
1888485 Oracle 12c: Database Parameter
1891225 MOPatch error – Following executables are active
1898432 DBV-00600: Fatal Error – [20] [27090] [0] [0] during dbverify
1918774 Performance issues when running a SAP Installation / System Copy
1897633 Oracle 12c: Enterprise Manager Express
1904315 ORA-02220 or ORA-02221 during upgrade or EHP although note 1570366 has been app
1919770 Brbackup and Brarchive fails with “BR0252E Function _popen() failed” error
1905623 Different approach to reclaim database space
1906628 Processing nologging index corruptions
1914363 Oracle database unexpected growth
1914631 Oracle 12c: Central Technical Note for Oracle Database 12c
1915485 Wrong results on Oracle Index Organized Table (IOT’s)
1915708 ORA-01031 when create index
1916179 Manually cleanup SYSAUX AWR history
1918288 How to process HARMFUL_STATISTICS
1918966 ORA-7445 [*_MEMCPY*] block corruption on compressed table
1919276 Performance issues when running a SAP Upgrade
1921328 Continue the sequence of logs during BRRECOVER
1926911 SM50: Display of SQL statements fails
1922763 MSCS oracle shutdown error ORA-19504
1930298 Restricting Access to Software Owner ‘oracle’
1932366 Oracle Grid Administrator
1932324 Systems with WriteBack Smart Flash Cache (WBFC) enabled running into unnecessar
1909455 E2E Alerting / RZ20 Oracle: Incorrect values for buffer hit ratio
1449632 Arbeitshinweis Oracle
1741919 Collective SAP note for Solution Manager 7.1 and Oracle
1865098 Deletes and inserts are not updated in transaction code DB20.
1903101 DB02 and db13 (Check DB) show different PSAPUNDO usage
1909366 Incorrect size values for Oracle in “DB Capacity” metrics
1922352 Planning calendar: Error message “System not found”
113747 Owners and authorizations for BR*Tools
12741 Current versions of BR*Tools
832662 Audit-friendly configuration of BR*Tools on Unix
776505 ORA-01017/ORA-01031 in BR*Tools on Linux and Solaris 11
1416773 Oracle Direct NFS
1498109 ORA-01466 in BRCONNECT after upgrade to Oracle 11g
1627541 BR*Tools support for Oracle ASM and Exadata/ODA
1763972 Corrections in BR*Tools 7.20 Patch 26
1764043 Support for secure storage in BR*Tools
1882181 Corrections in BR*Tools 7.20 Patch 33 / 7.40 Patch 3
1890999 ORA-01114 ORA-27072 occurs for Tempfiles
1892527 Offline backup failed in MSCS environment
1932568 How to use brbackup on standby database with  DB parameter remote_os_authent se
1932543 Got BR0158E error during upgrade phase PREP_SPACECALC/TABSPC_PREP
1931059 Configuring VIP for ERS in Oracle CRS
1896684 7.41: System does not start
1839320 ORA-20000 error in client copy after switching to SSFS
1892764 DBSL: Array insert incomplete with duplicate key
1898521 Remote DB: Process list overflows after ORA-01017
1830177 Oracle: Availability of partitioned indexes
1905209 DBSL: error with rsdb/prefer_join with Oracle hint
1919035 DBSL: ORA-01403 (not found) with subsequent errors

Please note tha in order to view the contents of the guides and SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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Jeisson Leonel

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      Fidel Vales

      Next time put only the notes that are released for customer.