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Hi everyone,

Like many of you, I watched the SMP waiting for the new version of SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP02. And it is finally available … and in time !

As a reminder, SAP BusinessObjects Maintenance schedule is available with the quick link: (PDF)

It’s Christmas before time !

What makes it so special Service Pack? It includes improvements in performance and especially adds new features as expected by many customers such as the grouping value in Web Intelligence (available in Desktop Intelligence but not anymore in Web Intelligence until now), use and re-use prompt values with predefined cells and mainly Excel datasource for Web Intelligence document over the Web !


Step by step installation/upgrade

Before installing this service pack, you can take a look at these blog posts very useful to know the best practices for updating your SAP BusinessObjects platform and mistakes to avoid.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 SP02 Released by Patrick Perrier

Doing a full install for updating from BI4.0 to BI4.1? Think again… by Matthew Shaw

Time to upgrade from SAP BI 4.1 SP01 to SP02 : 1h15

Launch the update (3 Go) as a local administrator


Check that all prerequisites are “success”. Sometimes an error occured with “Pending reboot” os you’ll to restart the server or find in registry key the term “Pending Reboot” and modify it only if it’s necessary (Emergency case).

Read and accept license contract as usual.


Connect to the CMS with your administrator password.


Launch the update and wait.



Then, SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP02 is installed.


And finally it’s done !

Connect to the BI Launch Pad or CMC to see the version updated (in Help menu) of your BI Platform to SP02. Enjoy new features !


More blog posts are coming about new capabilities included in this new SP02 about, and

TEASER : Just for teasing, see the new datasource for a Web Intelligence document based on the Web application


Share your comments about this !

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        1. Scott Sheffer

          Hi Richard, were you able to update directly to 4.1 SP2 from 4.0 SP6?  I am trying to make sense of the Forward Fit plan however getting little confused. 

          1. Richard Offenberger

            Yes, we upgraded to 4.1 SP2 and then put on patch 1.

            We upgraded in parallel… 2 CMS servers, then the other 4 (processing and web)

            I am not sure what patches you need included but it looks like it covers most of SP06

    1. WILLIAM MARCY Post author


      Sorry but I don’t have this kind of landscape to share the tutorial. You can refer to the Installation Guide available in to read all steps required.



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