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Design Studio 1.2 is available for download on Service Marketplace

SAP has already posted some tutorials today as well Design Studio 1.2: What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.2 is just one example along with many 12 others at Space: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio | SCN

Universe support

A first look shows you can connect to a Universe – of course everyone tries the eFashion universe:


I also tried it with an ECC universe and it works.  SAP’s Ingo Hilgefort has emphasized at Reporting 2013 that you can use only single source universes.

Export to Excel

Using the knowledge gained at TechEd, I could do this:


Above shows the JavaScript code for when you click a button it will export to Excel.


So after clicking the button you can SAVE or OPEN the document in Excel.

Selecting Measures or “Measure Picker”

This is really binding the key figures you want to show


Only then will those two key figures appear.


Also see Design Studio 1.2: Select key figures to display on charts

Filter Navigation

SAP added a “navigation pane” where you can filter and navigate.  This is described in this tutorial:

Design Studio 1.2: Add navigation capabilities to a Filter Panel component

It is very easy to set up and do this – I used it against Solution Manager and filtered on the message component:

6navigation pane.png

There is much more to add and check out – you can check out the tutorials, TechEd session EA 260 or also check Ingo’s Design Studio Kindle book which will provide free updates to Design Studio 1.2 later.  A book like Ingo’s is good for people such as myself who learn better with a book in front of them.

Today at Reporting 2013 Ingo discussed the SDK’s that will be available with Design Studio including one with the Hichert chart; he will be demonstrating this tomorrow at 11:30 at Reporting 2013 if you are attending.

Also check out the SAP Help has been updated for 1.2 as well. 

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    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Looks like it is under the menu path Tools > Install Extension for SDK

      Also see the help – there is a separate guide for the SDK and appears to be a sample file to install (I have not done that yet)

  1. Tobias Maier

    Thanks Tammy ! I installed Design Studio 1.2 but when i try to start it i get the message “An error has occurred. See the log file …” In the log file i can see something like “Exception while activating instance …. “. Did you get any messages like that ? Are there any special requirements? Regards Tobias

      1. Tobias Maier

        Hi Sjoerd,

        Thanks. We meet the requirements of the PAM. I solved the problem by uninstalling DS, deleting the DS program folders and deleting the Analysis-workspace and Analysis-config folder in the userprofile.



  2. Ofer Zienfeld

    Hello Tammy

    in the new version 1.2 – Can the user search a value in a dimesion in a navigation pane ?

    The user sometimes do not know where to find a dimension or value in the hierarchy.

    Qlikview had this attribute, and the user like it.

    thank you


  3. Arun Wadhawan

    Hello Tammy,

    Wanted to check with you, if its possible to enter comments by the information consumer during their interaction with SAP Design Studio Application. That is comments, that are stored as part of the application, to be viewed by others.


    Arun Wadhawan

      1. Ramkumar Kuzhipully

        Thanks Tammy for quick response.

        is it a good practice to build an application with filtering capabilities with 50000 records and can be filtering be applied on multiple tabs .



        1. Tammy Powlas Post author

          Ram – I think you already asked this in the discussion forum?  Like any dashboard application the number of records coming back to the consumer should be small, as a best practice.


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