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HWC mobile app development for dummies – Part 6

Download Source Code

Test application on a device

Installing HWC on my Andriod device

Open Google Play from device launcher. The HWC application runs on all major platforms like Android, IOS, Win Mob and Blackberry. If you don’t have an Android phone you can download the HWC app from your respective app store.

Useful Links,

How to install HWC app in Android simulator

This is the 6th part of this series. Other parts are:

Part 1- Setup Mobile Development Environment

Part 2- Starting SUP Development

Part 3- Developing a Hybrid Web Container Application

Part 4- Deploying a Hybrid Web Container Application

Part 5- Register Device and Assign User for Hybrid App

1. Search for sybase hybrid web container. The HWC app appears on the list.


2. Click on the app and install it.                                    


3. Run the HWC app from the device.                             


4. Set a local App password. This password is to secure the application so that only you can run the app.

      app password.png

5. The connection information can be given in the settings of the screen shown after setting the password. Fill the details to match the user registered in part 5 as given below. The IP address provided is the public IP of my SUP system in the cloud.


Note: In this series we are using 30 day trial version of SUP. The public IP of the 30 day trial system is dynamic hence you need to find the IP through google.


6. Click on the menu item and select Save. To check the logs whether the connection is successful, click on the menu item and select Show Log.


7. The log should show a Connected to Server message.


8. Click on the back button to exit the settings screen. You should reach the main screen now. This screen shows all the messages or notifications from different mobile applications you are assigned with. Ex. If a new Leave Request is created in SAP a notification come to device and sits here with a header message “New leave request created, please approve”.


9. To view the client initiated HWC applications click on the menu button and click on Hybrid Apps. It should bring the Flight List application. If the application is missing wait until the application appears in the list. It will take few minutes to load the application to the device.


10. Finally run the app!!. Click on start button of the screen to navigate to Start screen. Enter an Airline ID to fetch the list of Flights.


11. Click on a Flight to go to the detail screen.

    screen 2.jpg

I hope that my blog will help the newbies with developing SAP Mobile App.

Midhun VP


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  • Hello Midhun,

    I am facing a problem while running of the app over my device.

    I have installed SAP Mobile Platform  2.3  running on my local system (30 day trial) and when trying to make connection with my device , giving me

    Connection Error followed by Disconnected from server.

    Any suggestions.

  • Thanks for your response.

    I am developing Hybrid App using ODATA. Inside the function customBeforeShowScreen wrote the code for ODATA call. Using that code the data binding works fine, but the event processing not works. That is, I have to fill the data into one select box based on another one in runtime.


    My requirement

    #1 Selection Country

    #2 Selection State

    At runtime, based on the selected value in Country selection, need to fill the data for State selection.

    Now I can fill the data into Country using the ODATA call in customBeforeShowScreen , whereas for State selection we can use change event function.This change event function doesn't call at run time. I have also included the change event call function in customBeforeSubmit, but doesn't work.

    Where we can call this kind of change event processing? There are too many in build functions are available in Custom JS.


    Angavai Elangovan

  • Thanks for your help..

    That sample is based on MBO, started to go through the code and working on this, let you know the status.Meantime if you know any sample based on ODATA service please share.

    Thanks for your time,

    Angavai Elangovan

  • There are several in-build functions are available in Custom JS. In the Custom JS, we have included our customized code in last (not define anything in build functions).Include the custom code with in custom defined function in Custom JS and call that custom defined function in " hwc.customBeforeHybridAppLoad".


    Angavai Elangovan

    • thanks for your reply i already created app but in my first page am using choice control in that field that data comes via Odata but my problem is first time i clicked on that it show empty .

      but click again it show the data but  my need is first time i click that field its show the data

      any idea pls share