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Note: This is a very old blog. During the last couple of years things have changed so this approach to app development is no more recommended. So, please do not follow this blog.

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Setup mobile development environment

In this blog series I am building a mobile application from scratch using Sybase Unwired Platform 2.2 SP02 to get a list of available flights in mobile.

The Hybrid Web Container based application uses Mobile Business Objects ( MBOs ) that access a SAP database. The application will allow the mobile app user to check the details of flights from different vendor. I will then add some advanced customization to make the look and feel better.

This is the 1st part of this series. Other parts are:

Part 2- Starting SUP Development

Part 3- Developing a Hybrid Web Container Application

Part 4- Deploying a Hybrid Web Container Application

Part 5- Register Device and Assign User for Hybrid App

Part 6- Test Application on Device


Hybrid web container is one type of mobile application that can be developed using Sybase Unwired Platform. It is very easy to develop and deploy  that involves zero coding. I am going to use a Netweaver gateway on ABAP 7.40 trial and SUP 2.2 trial. So for those who don’t have servers or software to test with don’t worry SAP is providing you with everything.

In order to start with the development, register for the trial version of SUP and Netweaver Gateway system. You can follow this series if you own a SUP and SAP server too.

Link to register 30 day SUP trial: This trial was discontinued by SAP recently, they are working on SMP3 trial now.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 13 23.09.jpg

Link to register for Netweaver Gateway trial:

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 24 19.23.jpg

In the SAP provided development environment everything is ready; SUP server, Sybase SDK (Software Development Kit), Android and Blackberry Simulators and SAP GUI.

1. Login to the SUP cloud share system.


    2. Run the Sybase Unwired Workspace from desktop. When the workspace starts up it will prompt for a location for the workspace. Give a path where the projects to be stored.

workspace - Copy.jpg

    3. Connection from the SDK to SAP server is required in order to create MBOs using RFCs. In the Enterprise Explorer tab expand SAP Servers > Right Click on “DevCenter ERP <…> > Properties> Navigate to SAP Connection Properties>Provide the SAP username and password send to you via mail after          registering for NW gateway> Click on test connection, you will get a ping succeeded message!.


SAP ping.jpg

4. Above steps to be repeated for connecting unwired server also. The default username and password of Unwired Server is “supAdmin” and “s3pAdmin”.

SUP test connection - Copy.jpg


We have made the unwired server and SAP server connections from SDK to start with the development. Lets see how to develop Mobile Business Objects in part 2 of this series.


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  1. Uday M

    Great work Midhun !! Very useful, Thanks for sharing …

    Is it possible to develop the same with SMP 3.0 …Have you explored it.

    1. Midhun VP Post author

      Thanks for your comments. I didn’t get SMP 3.0 in my hands yet to try 😉 . The SMP 3.0 product is in ramp up stage and it is available for testing only for partners. Hopefully I think I can put my hands in SMP 3.0 in teched, bangalore. HWC will be supported in SMP 3.0 and this app should work with it.

      – Midhun VP

    1. Midhun VP Post author

      Thanks for your comments Ignazio. I have plans to write a similar series for Android too, that helps all newbies.

      – Midhun VP

    1. Midhun VP Post author

      This is a very old blog. During the last couple of years things have changed so this approach to app development is no more recommended. So, please do not follow this blog.


  2. hasini angella

    Thanks very much for the reply Midhun,

    It would be glad if you can ping here the new approach to Mobile platform and also the Trail system link for SUP.. thanks in adv in reply this. Hasi


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