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Default text in notes

Hi All,

This one takes us back to the basics of CRM, power of text determination procedure. We have been using notes in CRM transactions very
frequently to capture various texts entered by different Users during the process. Through this blog I am trying to showcase one of the old features
available in text determination procedures i.e. access sequence to source the content in the note type.

In my recent project, I got a requirement from customer where they wanted a default text to appear in the notes. As this note type was to be
used for printing CRM generated letter, it was acting as template for the letter and also it was supposed to be changeable by user during the process and
the changed version of the template should go for printing. As this criteria came into picture, we couldn’t just create a smartform with hardcoded text
instead found the standard way to find solution.

Access sequence in text determination procedure can be used in this case.

Following are the steps to make this work:

  1. Create the text template using SAPscript Tcode SO10


  Maintain the default text here:


2.  Create you text determination procedure and create access sequence for the text type for which the default text has to be sourced:


3. The function has to be created by technical team which has a small code for calling the SAPscript created in step 1:


CLEAR: es_reference.

  es_referencetdobject = ‘TEXT’.

  es_referencetdid = ‘ST’.

  es_referencetdname = ‘ZTEMPLATE’.

  es_referencetdspras = ‘E’.


4. Once the access sequence is created, assign this access sequence to the text type:


Leave the changes column as empty as you want it to be editable and select value “A” in transfer column for this text type.

That’s it. When this procedure is assigned to a transaction and when user creates the transaction, the default text appears in the
respective note type (text type) which can be changed by user.


A small configuration changed helped us in meeting the requirement. Thought of sharing this as a lot of us sometimes miss these
excellent features available as part of std CRM. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed revisiting the basics. sometimes it really helps. 🙂

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      Former Member

      Would you be able to add how "Assignment of Fields" works to your post?  I'm finding very little documentation.  I tried it with object CRM_ORDERH and it wasn't working as explected.  Since this is basic, it must be easy and I'm just missing something.

      Author's profile photo Kathiravan Jegatheesan
      Kathiravan Jegatheesan

      Hello Clint,

      No Assignment of fields is required. It can be left empty. It worked for me for CRM_ORDERH.

      One thing i noticed is that it works only on new documents created. If you are trying to check the text in the existing documents then the Text determination doesn't happen

      Author's profile photo Kathiravan Jegatheesan
      Kathiravan Jegatheesan

      Useful Blog.

      For step 3 a bit of more details would have given more clarity.

      The Custom FM can have no Import Parameters but the Export Parameter should be defined as

      Parameter name Typing Associated Type
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      Former Member

      HI ,

      It is nice blog.

      I got a similar requirement and I shown this blog to my developer and we are able to show the text dynamically , but our requirement is we have more than 100 task and each task should be displayed with a unique text dynamically in Notes section.

      Please could you guide us , how to achieve this?