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Hi there.

Just want to express my enthusiasm for the new AppBuilder released today. Many of you have probably seen it already on TechEd or even had the chance to play around with it in a TechEd Hands-On session. But now it is available for everyone!!

Available under you can easily download, install and start coding cool HTML5 Apps. Just give it a try and use it for quick prototyping with real data and as a starting point for your own projects.


Go, Try and Share your impressions!!

Have Fun,


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  1. Former Member

    Hi, how can i download the appbuilder.? When i click on the link above, a popup opens but this is only a picture with non-clickable links. Tried with IE and FF. Or is Chrome mandatory?

  2. Former Member

    I downloaded it and followed the installation instructions carefully. But when I double-click the run.bat file to launch AppBuilder I get the error message “The system cannot find the file node.exe”. And next Chrome is opened with message “Chrome could not connect to Try reloading:”. Any idea what could solve these problems?

    1. Martin Grasshoff Post author


      I think you missed to make sure that the prerequisites are met. In this case install node js from

      For your reference:


      • Windows OS (XP, Vista, or 7) 32- or 64-Bit or Apple OS X
      • NodeJS
      • Latest major web browser (Google Chrome or Apple Safari)


      AppBuilder prerequisites and setup instructions are included under Launching AppBuilder in the documentation.

      1. Download AppBuilder:
      2. Extract the zip file to the directory of your choice.
      3. Launch AppBuilder as described in the documentation.

      Have Fun,


      1. Former Member

        Thanks Martin. I got it working now. I thought I only needed to install NodeJS as prerequisite but now I notice that I actually have to start it first (NodeJS node.exe) and then start the appbuilder run.bat file.

          1. Former Member

            For Window 7, the machine needs to be restarted in order to recognize node.exe. Otherwise it’ll keep prompting node.exe cannot be found even the path variable has been set and cmd window recognizes node command.

            I have changed “server.bat” with absolutely path of node.exe, but somehow, the browser still showed me “Backend file server cannot be found.”.

            After restarted my machine, AppBuilder has started successfully. But a cmd window was still showing up following message:

            d:\applications\appbuilder>call server.bat

            ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

            Any idea?

  3. Poltera Anthony

    Martin this is a fantastic tool, thank you for all the head scratching and hard work! It does beg the question where SAP want developers to start developing mobile apps? Eclipse or AppBuilder?

    I have just completed Craig Haworth’s openSap Intro to Mobile Development where Eclipse, Cordova, SAPUI5, and android-sdk were all tools used to develop for different mobile paradigms. I suppose the AppBuilder fits into the hybrid web container\cordova paradigm but for simple but fast application development.

    Please schedule an AppBuilder course on openSap where we can get some applications working that are integrated into the SAP back-end. Alternatively point perhaps there are blogs out there similar to the ESPM blog written by Ankur Kumar?


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