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When scheduling a report there are a number of placeholders available to when selecting Email as the Destination…

  • Title = %SI_NAME%
  • ID = %SI_ID%
  • Owner = %SI_OWNER%
  • DateTime = %SI_STARTTIME%
  • Email Address = %SI_EMAIL_ADDRESS%
  • User Full Name = %SI_USERFULLNAME%
  • Viewer = %SI_VIEWER_URL%

I have often wanted to use these placeholders within the Notification section as well.  I just assumed you couldn’t since there were no dropdown boxes suggesting that you could like there are in the Destination section.  I even submitted an idea over a year ago to the Idea Place in regard to this.

Today I was scheduling a bunch of reports wishing this was available and thought I would do a little test and give it a try.  Although I would most likely use this when a job fails to run, I set this up for a successful run in order to test it more easily.  Like this…

And it worked!

I don’t know if this has worked like this for a while or just now with our recent upgrade to 4.1 SP01 Patch 2.  Since there were no dropdown boxes I just never tried to use the placeholders Notification section.  I think the existence of this functionality could be made more apparent by adding those dropdown boxes.  I would also like to see a placeholder for the failure reason.  Please vote for my idea related to this if you would find this helpful too.

Hope this helps,


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