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Feeling Very good by Joining Silver Club

Before some 9 Months I had joined SCN with creating my 3rd ID.

Raised questions, got help from Members and Could resolve a lot critical queries.

Then I thought of GIVE AND TAKE approach.

Felt that I must share knowledge with other members as well as contribute for resolving other members queries.

Every one need not to Re-Invent the wheel every time. I can support based on whatever experience I have gain in my career till this time.

But when I had started acting as a contributor, I had never thought that I will be able to continue till Silver Club and will keep going.

I really appreciate all of your help and support.

Also there are some experts whom I am following, I have taken a lot silent guidance from your posts as well as learnings from your approach which has helped me a lot in my career also.

Neeraj Lal Jignesh Mehta

‘ MoazzaM ‘ TW Typewriter

Thanks a lot.



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  • Thank you Mahendra Jani and good to see that you are silent follower 😉

    I can see that you are sharing very informative posts and I have learnt many new things from your posts as well. This is really a give and take approach and no one can claim him master in SAP. We are all here for learning and we always learn no matter how senior or junior member you are.

    I didn't see this before so could you please throw some light on what is this silver club about?


  • MJ,

    The feeling is mutual! I too (and many other members) learn from and enjoy your contributions!

    Keep up the good work!

    I wish you luck to reach the Diamond level 🙂


    Added: I have observed that after some time (few months..or year(s)...) members stop contributing. How can we prevent this?

    How can a member contribute consistently for a long period (say 7 years)?

    • Thank you TW for making this clear to me. I didn't check the points that is why couldn't get it.

      I remember that you had once posted this query in Coffee Corner or may be About SCN that why member leave participating continuously. We had a lot of thoughts and ideas in that link which I sure you also remember.

      I don't know about others but only myself and I had started contributing regularly from past two years may be and I will try to make this continue.


    • Actually TW,

      It's really too challenging to devote some fix time for this activity.

      In most cases, People's priorities gets changed. And that's why they stops.

      Else I am thinking that those members may be following the SCN but being silent to give space to new people like me to contribute and have feel of done something good. 😉 while they are reaching new heights of knowledge.