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Extracting factory calendar data to a DSO in #SAP #BW


In order to work with factory calendar information it is sometimes helpful if the information would be stored in a datastore object for each day factory calendar and company code if it is a working day or not. The information is extracted after the “factory calendar” have been replicated via “Transfer global settings”

Howto extract the factory calendar information

To achieve this two function modules are needed FISCPER_FROM_CALMONTH_CALC and DATE_CONVERT_TO_FACTORYDATE.

The target DSO contains those key fields / data fields. The data fields aside from the working days keyfigure are optional but might be useful aggregated views are of intrest.


The dataflow in this example forsees to load the required company code / factory calendar assignments from the enhanced masterdata object 0COMP_CODE. This can also be altered to suit e.g. 0PLANT and those factory calendar informations.


The attached expert routine determines for each company code and factory calendar ID if the individual calendarday is a working day or not. The information is stored in the DSO.



Each day is either 0 (no working day) or 1 (working day).

Attached are both the FM and the required expert routine.

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