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Adding Custom URL Favicon in Portal – EP 7.3ehp1

This blog brings you a clear approach to replace the SAP standard Favicon with Custom Favicon for the Portal URL, there are few significant places where the custom favicon needs to be updated.

Replacing SAP standard Favicon which requires OS level location and few system’s directory in Portal system. The adding custom Favicon would show the look and feel and to align with organization branding.

I have just captured few Recommendations.

1. To update in OS level directory, you should have right permission else you would require a help from SAP Basis.

2. Favicon should be designed with some conversion sites (Favicon can be designed from GIF to ICO which always advisable).

3. If there is any Load balancing system which also needs to figured out and replaced with custom favicon by you or Basis team.

4. Replacing Favicon would require system restart.

5. If there are any multiple instances in the server which also needs to be replaced

The custom URL Favicon would be displaying during Java runtime iview loading.Irj_Url_screen.jpg

As per my landscape directory, I replaced the sap standard Favicon with my custom icon in the following locations.

Location 1:

root > adm_prt > sap > SID > J00 > j2ee > cluster > apps > >> servlet_jsp > _default > root


Location 2:

root > adm_prt > sap > SID > J00 > j2ee > cluster > apps > > > servlet_jsp > sld > root


Location 3:

root > adm_prt > sap > SID > J00 > j2ee > cluster > apps > > > servlet_jsp > sld > root > img


Location 4:

root > adm_prt > sap > SDI > J00 > j2ee > cluster > server0 > apps > > irj > servlet_jsp > irj > root


Post Favicon changes, please perform the below steps to get this reflected in runtime,

  1. The system needs to be restarted.
  2. Clear browser cache and try with new IE session for immediate response.

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