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Why Get a Certification from SAP?

Would you want an uncertified teacher in the classroom educating our youth? Although an uncertified teacher may be effective and knowledgeable, without a certification, that teacher may be perceived as being educated below traditional standards, or may actually lack some of the key knowledge that certified teachers have absorbed and can bring to the classroom.

Most educational institutes require different types of teaching certifications as a way to ensure that those hired are skilled and prepared to perform their best, and other industries are following suit and require similar certifications to ensure that their professionals are up-to-date on the latest and educated so they can be more productive. Requiring certifications also encourage customers perceive certified professionals as more knowledgeable and can put them at ease when evaluating credentials.

Obtaining an SAP Certification can serve as a differentiator and it shows when evaluating perception. From a study conducted by Prometric in February 2013, 76 percent of certified IT professionals stated that they were confident in their ability to implement IT systems on budget and on time, compared with the only 67 percent of noncertified IT professionals who felt the same way.

With the emphasis on training and certifications, more companies are seeing the value in the certification and understanding how it can make a positive impact, and the numbers easily demonstrates this shift in mindset. In 2011, there were 28,1000 professionals who were SAP-certified, but that number has skyrocketed to 350,000 SAP-certified people globally in 2013.

Certification can also provide tangible benefits to companies opting to have their IT professionals certified, which includes:

  • Lower Risk – When IT people are certified, they mitigate risk by completing more products on time and within budget.
  • Increase Adoption – When IT people are certified, they understand the software inside and out, which leads to higher user acceptance.
  • Instilled Confidence – When IT people are certified, there is a clear measure of technical capabilities, which provides the conference to take on new technology challenges.

To learn more about certification, check out the Driving Value and Performance with Certification from SAP infographic, and/or call an SAP training representative or visit the training site online.

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  • Hi Jen,

    similar thoughts here.

    I've argued for a long time SAP need to do more in this area.

    Simple things like discounts on annual Support Fees in return for Customers getting more of their People SAP Certified.

    Advertising, I'd love to see the adverts in airports saying...

    Company XYZ Runs SAP

    with 30% of their people SAP Certified.

    Certification needs to be a win-win.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Andy,

      Your idea is very nice. I believe that SAP could also improve the way their content is shared in the classes, the way the instructors teach. Generally certification courses are entirely oriented to a certification test and students needs to learn very fast by theirselves - because there's a bunch of content to learn - and get ready for the test in so little time. It's unfair. This model doesn't seem to be the best approach for learning and assimilation.

      By the way, I totally agree certification is very important and necessary.

      César Scheck.

  • I'm an ABAP teacher with no SAP certification. The reason? It proves nothing!

    I would love to invite anyone from SAP to attend one of my classes in Brazil and check if there is any "lack of" or if there is anything below standards.

    By the way, I was recently invited by SAP to write a SAP Press book. Tell me more about standards and knowledge please.

    Apart from the ABAP class, I would love to offer a lecture about Marketing and Market Research as well. By the way, I do have a certification in Inbound Marking from a company who let me try the exam without having to pay for a course.

    An official SAP course in Brazil is 3x higher than a non-official course! Do you think people get jobs 3x faster? Or maybe their salaries are 3x higher?

    Moreover, around here you MUST do an official course in order to be ELIGIBLE to TRY a certification exam! Why do I need to pay > 6.000 dollars to "learn" something that I am already teaching for years?

    Why SAP doesn't you let me pay just for the exam? If you want more good professionals, why do they have to travel to Argentina, US or Europe just to do an exam?

    Why SAP wants to generate income from courses and certications as much as they do selling software?

    • Hi Fabio,

      I am also interested in teaching SAP. I am from FI. Could you please give me any suggestions how to get into teaching? That would be really appreciated.



      • The best advice I can give you is: start teaching now.

        Way before I was invited to teach ABAP, I already was writing and teaching ABAP on

        The website gave me enough knowledge and confidence to accept an invitation to teach in classes.

        Good Luck!

        • Hi Fabio,

          Thanks for your reply. So, could you please advice me how should I invite people? How did you take your first approach to teaching?

          There is any site for FI?



          • Hi ST,

            If you would like to teach an Official SAP Course, you can contact us directly or you can check the list of Official Education Partners in Brazil, available at

            Count on us for anything else that you need.



          • Hi ST,

            I can help you indicating someone in the USA but I need to know for which one are you are looking for teaching. (FI ?)

            Could you please tell me?



      • Ravi,

        Can you tell us how to view certifications on service market place. I have a S-user ID and am curious if I can log in service marketplace to view all the certifications I have one.

        • You cannot view any of the certification on service market place.

          Usually some employers might contact SAP to check the credentials of their candidates, but I am not sure. Earlier that list used to available very long time back on SAP market place, but now it is no longer available.



          • So in this case the employer might have to send someone to Argentina in order to check if the candidate really has a certification. 😏

            Now I am starting to understand why it's so cheap ➖ to get a SAP certification.

          • Thanks Mauricio. Yesterday, first time I have gone this site.

            I checked this site to see whether my name does exists. For your information I live in UK, but I could not find my name on those certification. I never went into to browse through. I quickly gone through on the first stage, there is no S ID, where I can check all my certification under that S ID.

            Question: Is it something we need to register our certifications or automatically it would be picked up from the database.

            Much appreciated your update.



          • Hi Ravi

            you should have received an invitation to join with an access link if the certifications you have are under the same S-User ID that you are currently using in the UK. Can you please send me details of your S-users, certs and e-mail to my e-mail address and we will get it sorted for you. We might need to merge results under one s-user and/or update your contact info in our systems.



    • i agree with you........ better u can try working on ABAP certification DUBAI it is very cheap u can register there and finish ur certification ....

      All the best,


    • Hi Fabio,

      Considering the SAP Learning Hub, the student can learn about a lot of content and do the certification with a lower price.

      You can learn more about the SAP Learning Hub at Loja de Treinamento e Certificação

      I desagree with your comparision about traveling to another country to do the certification.

      The most important is having access to the official content to be prepared for the Certification.



      • Mauricio,

        The Learning Hub is in fact very helpful. Nice idea from SAP.

        The Discovery Edition I am using has some restrictions, as you know, mainly regarding training history and certificates, which are not available so far.

        So, I am considering to upgrade to Learning Hub Customer Edition. The price of this edition, however, is not funny at all. Question:  could you please verify with SAP here in Brasil, if there is a discount policy or any current special offer? The Loja de Treinamento e Certificação shows a R$9000,00 price value!!!!

        It would be very good.


        Etore Santos

        Brasília DF